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A German and a Polish Policemen Stabbed to Death by Migrants as the Unchecked Mass Migration Scourge Hits Central and Eastern Europe

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

There once was a time when the southern European countries were the ones dealing with the heavy burden of the unchecked mass migration to the EU.

But now the dystopian consequences of the influx millions of poor migrants – from sometimes incompatible cultures – are felt all over the old continent.

This week central and eastern Europe also got their taste of catastrophe with two stabbings that claimed the lives of two police officers, in Germany and in Poland.

To begin with, we see how highly unpopular German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is all but ready to sing ‘Auslander Raus’ (Foreigners out).

The gruesome killing of a police officer by a 25-year-old Afghan failed asylum seeker (a.k.a. illegal migrant) put German Chancellor Olaf Scholz under considerable pressure as the European Elections unfold.

Radicalized Migrant stabs cop in the neck.

Scholz has to at least pretend to take a tougher stance on migration to minimize the expected far right gains.

Politico reported:

“In a speech to parliamentarians on Thursday, Scholz pledged to deport migrants from Afghanistan and Syria who have committed crimes despite the fact that those countries are ruled by repressive regimes.

‘It outrages me when someone who has found protection here commits the most serious crimes’, Scholz said. ‘Such criminals should be deported, even if they come from Syria or Afghanistan. Germany’s interest in security outweighs the offender’s interest in protection’.”

It’s not the first instance in which he has vowed to take a tougher stance on migration.

There’s already some legislation in place authorizing authorities to deport migrants whose asylum claims have been rejected.

“However, carrying out such deportations in practice, even for those convicted of serious crimes, remains difficult. Germany stopped deportations to Afghanistan in 2021 after the Taliban returned to power. Syria continues to be ruled by Bashar al-Assad, whose government has committed horrific atrocities against its own people.”

The widespread outrage by the the brutal stabbing of a police officer by the Afghan Islamic radical makes Scholz take a tougher stance on deportations.

But implementing these proposals is a different ballgame.

The new mantra is: ‘National security is more important than protecting the interests of extremists’.

Marrier in the Polish-Belarusian border.

Even Poland, a country with much more strict migration policies than Germany and border barriers, is not immune to it.

And apparently, the illegal migrants don’t even have to enter your territory to bring about death.

Deutsche Welle reported:

“A Polish soldier who was stabbed on the country’s border with Belarus in May has died from his injuries, Poland’s military announced on Thursday.

It said the soldier was allegedly stabbed in the chest by a migrant who reached through a fence erected on the border to prevent illegal crossings.”

The Polish Foreign Ministry demanded Minsk authorities hand over the soldier’s killer.

“Poland and the EU claim many of the migrants attempting to cross into the country are organized and aided by Russia and its ally Belarus as part of an attempt destabilize Europe.”

The perpetrator of the attack has not been identified.

Warsaw announced €2.3 billion ($2.5 billion) to strengthen its eastern border and a 200-meter (656-foot) buffer zone.

“In 2022, Poland erected a 5.5-meter-high fence and an electronic surveillance system. But according to the Polish Border Guard, there have already been more than 17,000 attempted crossings in the first five months of 2024.”

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