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BEAUTIFUL! Grown Woman at University Event Thanks Dr. Ben Carson for Saving Her Life When She Was a Baby (VIDEO)

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Dr. Ben Carson recently attended an event at Texas A&M University for Turning Point USA. At one point, a woman in the audience took to the microphone and explained how Dr. Carson saved her life when she was a baby.

They then approached each other and hugged to the sound of applause from the audience.

It’s such an amazing moment. Dr. Carson doesn’t get nearly as much admiration as he deserves.

The College Fix reported:

‘Miracle:’ Turning Point event adult attendee thanks Dr. Carson for saving her life as a baby

A married woman with kids thanked Dr. Ben Carson at a Texas A&M university event last night for saving her life decades earlier.

Dr. Carson, a former pediatric neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center who later served in the Trump administration as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, spoke at the Turning Point USA event.

“God truly had his hands in this miracle,” Sara Bowker said. She was born with craniosynostosis, a condition where the skull improperly fuses together, according to Bowker.

“You gave me the opportunity to graduate high school, college, and start graduate school, play competitive sports, get married, have children,” Bowker said. “So while none of this was related to politics, I just wanted to say thank you.”

Watch the video:

Wow! This is powerful. During Q+A at our Texas A&M @TPUSA event tonight, a young woman took the mic to thank Dr. Carson for saving her life when she was just six months old. The condition is called craniosynostosis and Dr. Carson operated on her at John’s Hopkins in November… https://t.co/JRvW7VvxNM pic.twitter.com/LYn1RK1ZBh

— Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) April 19, 2024

Carson tweeted this afterwards:

God does amazing things! Thank you for sharing your story, Sara! I have had the enormous privilege and responsibility of operating on many children in my life. I’m blessed to meet a lot of them who have grown up to be remarkable people. God has a plan for your life! Remember to… https://t.co/TA31KMRZVe

— Ben & Candy Carson (@RealBenCarson) April 19, 2024

What a beautiful moment. Dr. Carson is truly a special man.

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