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Biden Administration Trying to Circumvent the Second Amendment by Pushing Gun Control at the State Level

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

No matter how clear Americans make it that they value the Second Amendment, Democrats absolutely refuse to stop pushing for greater gun control.

The Biden administration thinks it has found a new loophole to exploit by pushing for gun control at the state level. This would undermine the Second Amendment, but they clearly do not care. They just want what they want, when they want it.

Americans are buying guns at a record pace due to the drastic rise in crime. You would think Democrats would read the room.

Politico reports:

White House announces new state-based gun violence initiative

Vice President Kamala Harris hosted a gathering of state legislators at the White House on Wednesday, an event designed to roll out new policies from the administration to combat gun violence at the state level.

Harris announced the Biden administration’s new “Safer States Initiative,” and unveiled two new executive actions — the first ones announced by the two-month-old White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention…

The initiative outlines steps states should take to combat gun violence, and the White House will work with officials to provide necessary resources for implementation.

The administration is encouraging state officials to establish their own state-level gun violence prevention offices; to invest in gun violence prevention, such as community violence intervention programs; to bolster support for survivors and victims affected by gun violence; to push for safe storage and reporting of lost and stole firearms; and to enact legislation to strengthen background checks and ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

Democrats just refuse to let this go.