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Biden Handlers “Looking to Shorten His Speeches” – But Won’t Admit Purpose is to Hide Cognitive Decline (VIDEO)

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Democrat strategist and Biden Deputy Campaign manager Quentin Fulks was on MSNBCs “The Weekend” to discuss Joe Biden’s 2024 strategy.

NBC reported that Biden’s campaign is looking to shorten Joe Biden’s speeches. Of course, this is to hide Biden’s obvious cognitive decline.

Biden campaign spox Quentin Fulks insisted it’s about “quality over quantity.”

“Our campaign believes in quality over quantity. We believe that these touches, these smaller things that are getting to the point about what is going on in the stakes of this election are gonna be easier for the voters to tap into,” Fulks said.


NBC reports Biden’s handlers are “looking to shorten his speeches” to limit his public displays of cognitive decline.

A Biden campaign spokesman insists it’s about “quality over quantity.” pic.twitter.com/GreyaVbgN6

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) May 4, 2024

The Biden campaign knows that Joe Biden is declining and unable to string a sentence together.

On Thursday, Biden made off-handed comments about Japan, an ally of the United States, of being “Xenophobic.” He claimed it’s because Japan does not want mass immigration for their country.

When Biden toured the area of the Francis Scott Key Bridge which collapsed in March, he didn’t have a clue where to stand. He delivered remarks in early April and looked confused while being told where to stand.

“You want me right here?” Biden asked as he shuffled over to a giant X taped on the ground.


A confused Biden is guided into place — despite giant Xs taped to the floor: “Right here?” pic.twitter.com/36pNl1Df1W

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) April 5, 2024

Last month Biden claimed that his “Uncle Bosey” was eaten by cannibals. He made a lot of false claims in his story.


Biden, for the third time in less than 24 hours, tells the dubious story about his “Uncle Bosey” and “a lot of cannibals” in New Guinea before repeating the debunked “suckers and losers” hoax.

He also claims D-Day was on a Sunday (it was on a Tuesday).

HE IS NOT WELL. pic.twitter.com/iqeOjjFY0v

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) April 17, 2024

Biden’s cognitive decline is evident.

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