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Bloomberg Columnist Declares Opposition to Lab-Grown Meat to Be “Conservative Cultural Insecurity”

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

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Attacks on the cattle ranching industry have been ramping up for the last couple of years. The powers-that-be want to reduce and eventually eliminate beef from cows that were born in a pen and raised in a pasture, replacing them with “meat” that was made in a petri dish.

Recently, they’ve been attacking beef from a new front: political ideology. Apparently, anyone who is opposed to lab-grown beef must be part of the vast right-wing conspiracy against progress.

An article in Bloomberg declared as much with opinion columnist Tyler Cowen offering his new theory:

“The anti-lab-grown-meat movement is about conservative cultural insecurity — the fear that, without the force of law, some conservative cultural norms will fade away.”

What drew his ire were ongoing efforts by conservative lawmakers and activists to outlaw lab-grown beef in their states. The concerns being voiced are real and have nothing to do with political ideology, but the powers-that-be want to secure the leftist base before they do their own research. By making it a political issue, they hope to gaslight progressives.

According to Prepper All-Naturals co-founder Jason Nelson, this strategy has worked before and may work again on beef.

“This reminds me of how they made the anti-vaxx movement a political issue,” he said. “They used psychological games to convince leftists that being against the Covid jabs was a right-wing sentiment, conveniently omitting that the broader anti-vaxx movement was spearheaded by progressives like Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Jim Carrey, and Bill Maher.”

Lab-grown “meats” are very similar to modern vaccines in that questioning the science behind them is verboten within the scientific community. Inquiring about the safety or even practicality of lab-grown meat is an easy way for food industry scientists to lose their jobs, grants, and credibility. The University of California in Davis learned this when they published a study showing lab-grown meat was far worse for the environment than meat from pasture-raised cattle. The study was widely panned despite the sound science behind it.

Prepper All-Naturals has vowed to never allow lab-grown meat into their supply of long-term storage beef. Their products, which include premium cuts such as Ribeye, NY Strip, and Tenderloin, have a 25-year shelf life without the use of preservatives.

“They want to make this political but it’s really about survival,” Nelson continued. “We don’t ask our customers who they voted for, nor do we care. We want Americans to have a solid supply of high-quality beef in their pantry in case the attacks on real meat succeed.”

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