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Border Warrior Ben Bergquam Joins Jake Lang’s Political Prisoner Podcast-J6ers Vs. Illegal Immigrants- Who is the Real Threat to America?

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Do illegal immigrants coming across the Southern Border have more rights than January 6 Political Prisoners?

Real America’s Voice host of ‘Law & Border,’ Ben Bergquam, teams up with J6 political prisoner Jake Lang to answer the toughest questions about the border crisis!

Why are illegal immigrants being treated better than the Jan 6ers?!

Jake Lang: “I mean, we have something here that we’ve never seen before, literal domestic terrorism, literal invasion, literal insurrection happening at the border! Meanwhile, they’re sending the FBI’s 51 field offices after J6 grandmas and, you know, social media influencers and reporters like Steve Baker, and this is nonsense.

You’ve been on the ground. What is the difference between a Jan 6 peaceful protester, political prisoner, and a migrant that is coming across the border with drugs, with sex trafficking, with the different ways to destroy our society?

Are we in the same class? Are we both threats to society? Or what’s your opinion?”

Ben Bergquam: “Well, first, let me just say to everybody that is being held, that is still watching, wherever you’re watching from, it’s an absolute honor. You guys will be able to watch it. God bless you guys. And we stand with all of you in this fight.

So it’s very simple.

To me, it’s pretty black and white.

The January 6ers, outside of a couple of the ones that were used by the federal government informants, people that were sent in there to do bad acts, The vast majority that I know love America and that’s really the big difference.

You’ve got people that love America being held prisoners, and you’ve got people and -I’ll.. I’m actually going to compare three tiers, three tiers of justice, so you’ve got the January 6ers or anybody any patriot that loves this country that stands for this country, then you’ve got you mentioned illegal aliens, illegal migrants, whatever you want to call them, they’re illegal being basically given special treatment not only equal treatment but special treatment!!

And I just came from Chicago, and you look at how they’re treated versus how homeless veterans are treated left out in the street in the cold while illegal aliens are given three meals a day they’re given a warm hotel room.

They’re given total freedom and autonomy of movement; they can go anywhere they want in our country, and it’s all under the guise of refugee resettlement. It’s all through this office of refugee resettlement. It’s all under the facade of asylum.

The reality is the vast majority of these people, illegal aliens that were allowed into our country by a fraudulent regime under Joe Biden that is, as you mentioned, communist globalist anti-american.

And that’s the third category I would say of justice we have in America. So you have you, and I would say I would include President Trump in what they’re doing – the injustice you see, the weaponization of the justice system by communist DA’s and communist judges in America against President Trump and against you guys, and you’ve got illegal aliens that are put almost as a higher class, and then you’ve got the leftist people…

Jake Lang: “The Untouchables.”

Ben Bergquam: “The untouchables—Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton—all of these traitors to America.

Nancy Pelosi, who, by the way, allowed January 6th to happen, not only allowed it, but in my opinion, if we actually do the real investigation, J6 investigation that needs to happen, I believe she orchestrated it, was involved with it.

I have communications from different people that her daughter and her son-in-law were meeting with some of the leftist BLM members that ended up coming into the building that day, and there’s no question about it.

They are protected.

So to me, sadly, we’re living in a post-constitutional America.

It’s no longer equal protection under the law.

You have the protected and you have the targeted, and that’s really what we’re seeing. ”



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