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BREAKING: CAITLIN CLARK INJURED – After UConn Sends Out Bruiser to Take Her Down and She Hurts Her Ankle – UNREAL!

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

WNBA star was injured on Monday after Connecticut ran a hard pick her way. The league is not making it easy for Caitlin Clark.

WNBA superstar was injured tonight during the Indiana Fever game with the Connecticut Sun in Indianapolis.

Clark started out leading all scorers in the game with 8 points in the first quarter.

Despite her lousy teammates and a vicious league Clark is setting scoring records in the league after just three games.

How Caitlin Clark Ranks in the WNBA so far:

Mins played – 97 (5th)
Assists – 17 (2nd)
Rebounds – 13 (22nd)
Points – 51 (7th)
F T % – 100% (Tied 1st)
3 P M – 9 (1st)
F G M – 16 (13th)
EFF – 40 (18th)

I’ll update this after every 10 games. pic.twitter.com/YpyisQQwqq

— Law | CC = (@TLaww22) May 20, 2024

Dave Portney predicted a 30 point night for Caitlin Clark

Caitlin Clark has adjusted to the league. She’s gonna go for 30 tonight and if her teammates knew how to finish when she drops a dime in their face she’d be a walking double double #caitlinclark pic.twitter.com/Nka8fDOeDt

— Dave Portnoy (@stoolpresidente) May 20, 2024

But Portney forgot about how vicious this WNBA league is to their superstar.

On Sunday, New York Liberty star Brianna Stewart took Clark down. Stewart set a pick on Clark when she wasn’t looking and slammed her hard. Caitlin Clark crumpled to the floor.

Never seen a savior of a league get treated like this https://t.co/TXNEd4umbl

— Dave Portnoy (@stoolpresidente) May 18, 2024

It appears like the league is out to get Clark. Another nasty pick was on Clark tonight – And Clark was injured!

On Monday, Connecticut sent out a bruiser to take Clark down – just like New York did on Sunday.

Clark spotted the pick coming and twisted her ankle before the woman could take her down.

Nice work, WNBA!

Caitlin Clark went to the locker room after suffering an apparent injury on this play.

She has since returned to the bench. pic.twitter.com/B00c5sd4YE

— ESPN (@espn) May 20, 2024

Caitlin Clark left the game for the rest of the halp.

When she returned in the second half the refs were quick to call two BS fouls on her within minutes.

The WNBA is out to get Clark.

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