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BUSTED! UCLA Chief of DEI Who Led Students in “Free Palestine” Chant Has Reportedly Been Caught Plagiarizing 10 Papers in Her Ph.D. Dissertation

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Natalie Perry has reportedly been caught cheating her way into a highly important and well-paid DEI Director position at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine.

The woke UCLA gushes about the university’s DEI Director on its website, boasting about “Dr. Perry, who holds a Ph.D. in higher education (University of Virginia), an EdM in teaching and curriculum (Harvard University), and a BA in African American and African Studies (Ohio State University).”

The woke university is so proud of Dr. Perry’s doctoral dissertation that they even highlight it in their introduction to the so-called DEI expert:

“Her doctoral dissertation (“Faculty Perceptions of Diversity at a Highly Selective Research-Intensive University”) examined institutional commitment to diversity from the perspective of organizational values. Dr. Perry’s wealth of experience in understanding and improving the culture of higher education, including in an academic health system, will be invaluable to our ongoing efforts to embed our aspirational Cultural North Star’s value into our organizational DNA.”

The only problem is that, like many so-called professionals who are being paid obscene amounts of money to shove “diversity, equity, and inclusion” down the throats of students and faculty alike, Dr. Perry has been accused of being a cheater, and the incredible independent journalist Christopher Ruffo claims he has evidence of his accusations.

In The City Journal, Ruffo and Rosniak write:

Recent headlines about UCLA School of Medicine suggest that the institution has lost its focus. Instead of brushing up on organic chemistry, its students were subjected to lessons on “Indigenous womxn” and “two-spirits.” Future doctors had to take a class on “structural racism” and were led in a “Free Palestine” chant by a Hamas-praising guest speaker. The school made plans to segregate students by race for courses on left-wing ideology, and two of its psychiatry residents championed “revolutionary suicide.”

In a series of tweets, Rufo and fellow journalist Luke Rosiak reveal the stunning truth about a woke phony’s dissertation that UCLA claims “will be invaluable” to their ongoing efforts to make people less racist.


In his first tweet, Ruffo explains how UCLA’s med school has been in the news recently “for promoting ideology about ‘Indigenous womxn,’ ‘two-spirits,’ and ‘structural racism.’” And about how a “guest speaker praised, and two residents championed ‘revolutionary suicide.’

The DEI director, who advances “anti-racism,” is Natalie Perry.

UCLA Med School has been in the news recently for promoting ideology about “Indigenous womxn,” “two-spirits,” and “structural racism.” A guest speaker praised, and two residents championed “revolutionary suicide.”

The DEI director, who advances “anti-racism,” is Natalie Perry. pic.twitter.com/NwSNbiDoBO

— Christopher F. Rufo (@realchrisrufo) April 22, 2024

Ruffo writes: “According to our exclusive analysis, Perry’s career is predicated on academic fraud. Her PhD dissertation plagiarized material from ten other papers, which she did not attribute or put in quotations.” He adds, “The examples are brazen.”

In a side-by-side comparison of Natalie Perry’s paper, which discusses the US Supreme Court case in which Jennifer Gratz sued the University of Michigan over discriminatory practices they used to admit less qualified students and a paper written by several authors on the same topic, it’s clear Perry relied heavily on plagiarizing their work.

In this example, they show Perry plagiarizing sources that are shown on the right.

In yet another example, Perry appears to have plagiarized the work of Adalberto Aguirre Jr. and Ruben Martinez on diversity, which the UCLA Diversity Chief was so passionate about that she had to copy others’ work.

The Independent journalist who worked with Luke Rosiak of the Daily Wire on this incredible story continues to expose “Dr. Perry’s” blatant plagiarism.

Rosiak tweeted about some of the ridiculous statements made by UCLA’s DEI czar, who “blamed opiates on ‘whiteness’” and led a class in chanting “Free Palestine!”

.@realchrisrufo and I have discovered the most egregious case of plagiarism yet: the DEI czar at UCLA School of Medicine, which blamed opiates on “whiteness,” had doctors praise “revolutionary suicide,” taught about “two-spirits,” and led a class in chanting “Free Palestine.” pic.twitter.com/tGxveytN7s

— Luke Rosiak (@lukerosiak) April 22, 2024

Ruffo writes:

Throughout the paper, Perry copies and pastes large sections of text from other authors. When she has to rely on original work, she often lapses into serious errors and basic grammatical problems. The paper—of course—was about DEI at universities.

In January, Harvard President Claudine Gay, who also appeared to be in support of Hamas/Palestine, was fired when she was exposed for plagiarism. The media blamed conservative news outlets for uncovering the scandal. The AP called Gay, who, like Natalie Perry, is a cheater and a fraud, a “target” who “put her career under intense scrutiny.”

Harvard President Claudine Gay speaks at a hearing. (House Committee on Education & the Workforce / YouTube)


Much like Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren cheated on her application when she lied and said she was part Native American, as a way to cut in front of other applicants for a job at Harvard University, “Dr.” Perry cheated when she copied the hard work of others to obtain her PhD, which helped her to get the ridiculous job as UCLA Medical School’s DEI Director.


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