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Chang: World in Turmoil

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Geopolitical and National Security expert Gordon Chang says Joe Biden warned China that the U.S. was prepared to use force to defend the Philippines but Beijing ignored him and continue their provocative actions ramming Philippine vessels, firing water cannons on their ships. Ignoring American warnings means deterrence has broken down. We don’t know what Biden’s response will be. Clearly the Chinese think we’re not going to do anything. Chang says the world is in turmoil and the United States has to choose what we’re going to defend. The Gaza war is an existential threat to Israel and a fight we have to support and win. Unfortunately, Chang says we have a lot of pro-Iran elements in our State Department and in the National Security Council —which is why Biden pushed for an immediate ceasefire after the October 7th Massacre. Everyone wants peace but the only way there will be peace is for Israel to eliminate Hamas. There is a large block of the Democrat Party that is antisemitic. Chang says what this Administration is saying could only have been motivated by a pro-Iranian govt. which funds and trains Hamas. Iran could not support the three terrorist groups in the Middle East without support from China. China increased its purchase of Iranian oil by 60% in the first nine months of this year violating U.S. sanctions. And on our southern border Chinese men of military age crossing the border in groups of 5 to 15, some with links to the Chinese military. Chang wonders why they are coming. We know there are Syrians and Venezuelans crossing as well, some with very dangerous ties. As part of the 9/11 hostage deal Biden made with Iran to release $6 Billion, he also granted clemency to Iranian terrorists who were not sent back to Iran but were released into the United States.