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CNN Reporter Admits Concerns About Biden’s Age and Mental Decline Are Not Going Away: ‘This isn’t Benjamin Button Here’ (VIDEO)

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

CNN reporter Jackie Kucinich recently admitted on the air that concerns about Joe Biden’s age and mental decline are real and are not going away.

She was referencing the Wall Street Journal report that talked about lawmakers from both parties saying that the issue has gotten worse and that Biden is not the same man as he once was.

She and her colleague then suggest that this is the reason people on the left are putting so much importance on the June debate, because it will give Biden a chance to overcome this perception.

FOX News reports:

Biden’s old age concerns aren’t going away soon, CNN reporter says: ‘This isn’t Benjamin Button here’

CNN reporter Jackie Kucinich said doubt around President Biden’s mental sharpness will not go away after The Wall Street Journal reported that some lawmakers and other officials are concerned the chief executive has slowed down.

“It’s not going away,” Kucinich said. “He’s not going to age backwards.”

“This isn’t Benjamin Button here,” she added, referencing the eponomyous 2008 movie character who ages in reverse. “This is Joe Biden.”…

Kucinich said it was clear Biden’s advisers are concerned his age is an issue for his presidential campaign. She pointed to reports that the White House reached out to lawmakers to call the Journal back about their statements.

“You don’t keep tabs on Democrats that The Wall Street Journal is interviewing and then have them circle back to highlight Biden’s strength if … you don’t think this is a vulnerability,” Kucinich said. “All [the Biden campaign] can do is present him in as strong of a position as they can.”

She also said the first debate between Biden and former President Trump, scheduled for June 27 on CNN, will be critical for convincing voters of Biden’s mental fitness.

Here’s the video:

.@JFKucinich on how Democrats are reacting to @WSJ‘s reporting about President Biden’s mental acuity: “It’s not going away. He’s not going to age backwards. This isn’t Benjamin Button here. This is Joe Biden.” pic.twitter.com/B7KOgLwbvm

— CNN This Morning with Kasie Hunt (@CNNThisMorning) June 5, 2024

Kucinich is right about one thing. This issue is not going away. If anything, it is getting progressively worse.

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