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Cruella De Biden: After Snubbing Hunter’s Love Child Two Christmases in a Row, Jill Biden Hangs No Stockings for Any Grandchildren at White House

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Dr. Jill Biden, Ed. D., revealed the 2023 White House Christmas decorations on Monday with a cruel surprise twist. Months after Joe and Jill finally acknowledged Hunter Biden’s five-year-old love child Navy Joan Roberts this past summer, Jill broke with her tradition of the previous two years of hanging Christmas stockings for each of the Biden’s then six acknowledged grandchildren over a White House fireplace in the State Dining Room by hanging no stockings at all.

White House photos of Christmas stockings hung in 2021 and 2022 (below) by Jill Biden:

The bare fireplace mantle this year prompted inquiries by reporters, prompting a Biden spokesperson to say the Bidens would be hanging stockings at the family Christmas gathering at Camp Davis next month, reported the Daily Mail: “‘The family will be spending Christmas at Camp David and their family stockings will be there,’ a White House spokesperson told DailyMail.com.”

White House unveils Christmas decorations WITHOUT stockings for grandchildren after Biden acknowledged Hunter’s daughter: Holiday display includes Commander, a gingerbread 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and lots of candy.