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Daily Wire Employee Fired for Sending Supportive Message to Candace Owens From His Personal Email Account

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

The Daily Wire has terminated an employee for sending Candace Owens a message of support from his personal email account.

The former employee, Sawyer Brandt, says that he had left his personal email account logged in on his work computer, and the company went through it to look for communication with Owens.

Owens was fired from the Daily Wire in March, allegedly for declaring that “Christ is King,” which the company deemed “anti-semitic.”

The breakup was far from clean, with the Daily Wire being accused of planting negative stories about Owens in the media — including sending one to the Daily Mail that alleged she was abusive towards junior employees.

Owens addressed the controversy in a live stream on X late last month despite being placed under a gag order by the “pro-free speech” outlet.

“A couple of days ago, my PR person received a tip from someone that a Daily Mail journalist, who I had never heard of, was asking weird questions about me,” she said, surmising the journalist in question was likely writing a hit piece on her. “I want to be clear here: I do not blame the journalist. I don’t blame The Daily Mail.”

Enough is enough… https://t.co/cODx1YnhQI

— Candace Owens (@RealCandaceO) May 30, 2024

The Daily Mail reporter’s email claimed junior employees at the Wire said Owens was “mean” and “mistreated” them.

In addition to addressing the issue in her live stream, Owens posted emails from Daily Wire staffers disputing the claims and offering her their support.

Works in support of the C suite at the Daily Wire. These lies will not stand.

— Candace Owens (@RealCandaceO) May 30, 2024

On Friday, June 31st, the Daily Wire fired Brandt without warning for sending Owens “moral support” in his private correspondence. The company allegedly claimed he could no longer be trusted for not playing along with their narrative.

In a GoFundMe seeking help while he looks for a new job,  Brandt wrote that he said “nothing negative about the Daily Wire” in his email to her.

“My work was pleasant and going fine until I stood up for the character of one of my friends and former superiors, Candace Owens. The Daily Wire did not like this and terminated me on Friday June 31st without warning. I was fired for sending Candace a personal email of moral support when the Daily Mail accused her of abusing her former team. I said nothing negative about the Daily Wire in my email to her. In my meeting with HR, they notified me that they were able to access my private email correspondence because, although I sent the communication from my personal email address on my personal device, I accidentally left my personal email logged into one of their computers. I am still confused as to why stating that I wasn’t abused would be grounds for termination.”

“I was caught off guard by being terminated for standing up for someone’s character and as a Christian, I believe in standing up for the truth and not wavering in my morals,” Brandt continued. “As such, I stand by my decision to support Candace Owens; however, I am now needing some help to pay for food, rent, medical expenses, and my student loans while I am in the transition to a new job.”

You can donate to help Brandt here.

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