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DON’T FORGET… The Gateway Pundit will Broadcast Live Today at President Trump’s Bronx Rally – With Surprise Guest – Starting at 2 PM ET

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

President Trump will hold a rally on Thursday May 23rd at Crotona Park in The Bronx. The Gateway Pundit will be there broadcasting live.

The Bronx is the bluest of New York City boroughs with a majority of Spanish voters. Biden “won” 83% of the Bronx vote back in 2020.

In December, The Gateway Pundit contributor and Newsmax reporter Cara Castronuova went down to the Bronx to take the temperature on Joe Biden.

Cara, who routinely breaks major investigations at The Gateway Pundit, was shocked with what she heard. There is huge support for President Donald Trump in the Bronx!

EVERYONE knows life was better under Trump – no matter what the media is pushing. EVERYTHING is worse under Joe Biden, and the Marxist left is destroying the country. And it’s not likely to get any better as long as they hold on to power.

Cara’s report went viral and was re-Truthed by President Trump!

Cara went back to the Bronx to ask residents if they would like Trump to hold a rally there and if he did, would they attend?  Once again, the response was OVERWHELMING – The Bronx voters WANT TRUMP!

NEWSMAX correspondent Cara Castronuova takes to the streets of The Bronx to ask residents if they would attend a Donald Trump rally in the South Bronx.@CaraCastronuova pic.twitter.com/i3AAsZ0LQS

— NEWSMAX (@NEWSMAX) December 21, 2023

Last week President Donald Trump announced he will hold a rally in South Bronx, New York this Thursday to “highlight the horrendous effects Crooked Joe Biden’s presidency had had on our economy, according to a statement released by the former president’s campaign Friday.

President Trump will be visiting the South Bronx, New York on Thursday, May 23, 2024, at 6:00 PM EDT #truth #trump2020 #MAGA pic.twitter.com/OjK85NovX1

— Lara #IStandWithTrump (@Lara_maga47) May 18, 2024

This announcement comes after President Trump delivered remarks to a massive crowd of roughly 100,000 supporters in Wildwood, New Jersey.

This is an unprecedented move for a Republican candidate.

But the time is now, and this President was and will be the president of the ENTIRE country, not just the coastal elites like Joe Biden.

The rally will start at 6:00 PM – doors will open at the venue at 3:PM.

The Gateway Pundit contributors Jordan Conradson and Cara Castronuova will be at the venue speaking to Bronx Trump supporters.

We also have a GUEST HOST who will join Cara and Jordan in the Bronx tomorrow.

Check out The Gateway Pundit on Thursday starting at 2 PM ET at the Bronx Trump Rally!

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