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Far-Left Eco-Extremists Break Through Police Barriers – Attempt to Storm a German Tesla Factory Near Berlin (VIDEOS)

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Germany is overrun with eco-activists of all stripes that take advantage of the ambiguity of the ‘traffic light’ (Ampel) coalition led by deeply unpopular chancellor Olaf Scholz.

On the one hand, Scholz’s coalition has leaders that are pro-business and pro-capitalism. On the other hand, it harbors ‘green’ politicians that incentivize the kind of disruption undertaken by ‘activists’ that hurt businesses and, therefore, the ailing German economy.

Now, it’s the Tesla Berlin EV plant that is in the eco-fascists’ sights.

Express reported:

“Protesters have stormed the fence at Tesla Gigafactory in Germany in the latest blow to Elon Musk’s embattled company.

It comes after Tesla told workers at the Berlin facility to stay home Friday after environmental activists announced they would be staging protests outside the site.”

Radical activists storm Tesla gigafactory near Berlin

Storming under a red flag with the slogan “Disrupt capitalism, create future!”

Some 1,200 activists from across Europe gathered outside a factory in the village of Grünheide near Berlin on Thursday, Bild reported. They set… pic.twitter.com/RqcpxPp4Py

— NEXTA (@nexta_tv) May 10, 2024

German media reports that some 1,200 people were protesting outside the Tesla factory on this morning. This is the largest demonstration at the plant to date.

Some demonstrators broke through police barriers before being stopped by officers.

Tesla factory near Berlin.

Tesla told workers to remain home today (10). Yesterday it was a holiday in Germany, so the staff is having a four-day break.

The factory was closed today ‘out of concern for the safety of employees’.

“It marked the second time Tesla has closed operations at the facility this year. In March, a group of environmental activists reportedly claimed responsibility for an explosion that destroyed a high-voltage electricity pylon, cutting off the power supply to the factory.

According to reports, eco-activists have also been encamped in the forest surrounding the facility for weeks.”

BREAKING: Far-left extremists just tried storming a Tesla factory near Berlin: pic.twitter.com/yspqWa0afZ

— End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) May 10, 2024

Tesla wants to expand the factory with a freight depot, warehouses and a company kindergarten. That would entail cutting more than 100 hectares (247 acres) of forest.

AOL reported:

“A stoppage of the plant’s production lines this Friday was announced back in January, CNN affiliate RTL  reported late Tuesday, quoting a Tesla spokesperson. But with the protests ‘in mind,’ the electric vehicle maker has decided that all other workers at the factory should also stay at home, RTL said.”

Friday is a so-called “bridge day” between the holiday and the weekend.

“People opposed to Elon Musk’s plans to more than double the production capacity of Tesla’s only factory in Europe [were] planning four days of protests, starting Wednesday [8].

Disrupt, a coalition of self-declared anti-capitalist protest groups, argues that the expansion would require clearing swathes of the surrounding forest and would further strain local water supply.”

Anyone who, like #Tesla, still invests in Germany, not only faces excessive bureaucracy and immense energy costs but also ideologized extremists, euphemistically referred to as “activists” by the media. This is the new “Made in Germany” under the “Ampel government”. #AfD pic.twitter.com/IuptqFzt6h

— Alice Weidel (@Alice_Weidel) May 10, 2024

Brandenburg police has prepared for ‘extensive’ operations.

“’Disruptive protests as well as criminal acts typical of this kind of gathering cannot be ruled out’, they said in a statement. ‘Consequently, the police are prepared for both a peaceful and non-peaceful outcome. If crimes are committed, the police will intervene resolutely’.

[…] The activists, calling themselves the ‘Volcano Group’, wrote in a letter published on the alternative German media website Kontrapolis that they had ‘sabotaged’ the plant because it ‘consumes Earth, resources, people, labor and spits out 6,000 SUVs, killer cars and monster trucks per week’.”

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