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Florida Authorities Wrangle Alligator at MacDill Air Force Base (VIDEO)

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

MacDill Air Force Base’s tarmac was infiltrated by an unlikely reptile: an alligator.

On Monday, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (CWC) was called to remove a 10-foot-long alligator that made its way onto the tarmac at MacDill Air Force Base.

Airmen first spotted the alligator resting underneath the wheel of one of the many aircraft on the tarmac.

The base later released a video of the alligator being wrangled by two CWC officials.

After struggling with it early on, CWC officials eventually captured the alligator and released it into a nearby river.


You usually don’t see an alligator on a tarmac — but that’s where one ended up yesterday at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa.

FWC had to wrangle the gator and relocate it to the river after it was spotted underneath the wheels of an airplane.

Read: https://t.co/bbSbP6SHno pic.twitter.com/rPHkIwe4u3

— WEAR ABC 3 (@weartv) April 23, 2024

Per Fox 13 Tampa Bay:

An alligator may have been testing security at MacDill Air Force Base when the reptile wandered onto one of its runways.

Video posted on the base’s Facebook page shows the reptile being wrangled by Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission officers next to an airplane.

MacDill joked that the gator was pushed out of its home by Elvis, an even bigger gator known to frequent the area.

The base thanked FWC for the help and added that the gator had been relocated to a more suitable location.

Officials relocated an alligator at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, to a nearby river after it wandered onto the flightline. https://t.co/2N3OSliMdT

— Military Times (@MilitaryTimes) April 23, 2024

The gator at MacDill Air Force base isn’t the only alligator capture to go viral this week.

A video of a Florida alligator trapper went viral on Monday after he successfully wrangled an alligator in the middle of a road.


Florida man vs. alligator

Mike Dragich, a licensed Florida alligator trapper, used his bare hands to remove an 8-foot alligator that was wandering a busy area of Jacksonville, Florida, over the weekend. And he did it barefoot! ⁣

Do not try this on your own. pic.twitter.com/xLx1kOL2sQ

— AccuWeather (@accuweather) April 23, 2024

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