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Former GOP Advisor and CNN Commentator Alice Stewart Found Dead in Virginia — Suspected Medical Emergency Likely Cause of Death

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Credit: Alice Stewart/LinkedIn

Alice Stewart, a former GOP advisor and a CNN political commentator, has died unexpectedly at the age of 58.

Her passing was confirmed after her body was discovered early Saturday morning outdoors in the Bellevue neighborhood of northern Virginia, according to CNN.

Authorities indicated that no foul play is suspected in her death, suggesting that a medical emergency may have been the cause.

Mark Thompson, CEO of the far-left CNN, expressed deep sorrow over Stewart’s passing in an email sent to staff.

“Alice was a very dear friend and colleague to all of us at CNN,” Mark Thompson said.

“A political veteran and an Emmy Award-winning journalist who brought an incomparable spark to CNN’s coverage, known across our bureaus not only for her political savvy, but for her unwavering kindness. Our hearts are heavy as we mourn such an extraordinary loss.”


A stunning loss for the CNN family: Political commentator @AliceStewartDC has died https://t.co/QNl5w9xYg7 pic.twitter.com/9qaC9FEz50

— Josh Campbell (@joshscampbell) May 18, 2024

CNN reported:

Stewart started her career as a local reporter and producer in Georgia before moving to Little Rock, Arkansas, to be a news anchor, she told Harvard International Review. She went on to serve as the communications director in then-Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee’s office before assuming a similar role for his presidential run in 2008.

She also served as the communications director for the 2012 Republican presidential bids of former Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann and then former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, also a former CNN commentator. Most recently, Stewart was the communications director for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s 2016 GOP campaign.

CNN hired Stewart as a political commentator ahead of the 2016 election, and she appeared on air frequently to provide insight on the political news of the day, including as recently as Friday on “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.”

“We always invited her to come on my show because we knew we would be a little bit smarter at the end of that conversation,” Blitzer told Jessica Dean on “CNN Newsroom.” “She helped our viewers better appreciate what was going on and that’s why we will miss her so much.”

The news of Stewart’s death comes as a shock, particularly since she appeared on CNN just yesterday. She made a post on her Instagram just a day before her death.


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A post shared by Alice Stewart (@alicestewartdc)

Daily Mail reported that “She appeared to lead a relatively healthy lifestyle and only last month posted photos of her taking part in a 10 mile run, nicknamed the Cherry Blossom run, in Washington D.C.”

Stewart was fully vaccinated.

I am fully vaccinated. Not sure why others do what they do.

— Alice Stewart (@AliceStewartDC) September 10, 2021

Numerous personalities have taken to social media to pay tribute to Stewart.

Heartbreaking. ⁦Alice was wonderful and talented and a dear friend. And she loved America fiercely.

She lived every day to the fullest, and she will be deeply missed. May God’s comfort and peace be upon her loved ones. RIP. https://t.co/rXN6iugepM

— Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) May 18, 2024

I am stunned and saddened by the news of Alice Stewart’s passing. She was a political pro and a wonderfully nice person to just have a conversation with on any topic. I will miss Alice and will pray for her family. https://t.co/RxJ22Xlxbr

— Chris Christie (@GovChristie) May 18, 2024

Horrible news about our beloved and gifted commentator Alice Stewart. Just awful. We are all gutted. https://t.co/07iMO30HWP

— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) May 18, 2024

Such an awful shock. Alice Stewart was a consummate pro who made every show she was on so much BETTER. More importantly, she had a huge heart and a generous spirit https://t.co/GA0B2LxKNM

— Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) May 18, 2024

Alice Stewart was a woman’s woman who brought kindness and support along with smarts and expertise. I met her in Iowa in 2007 covering the Huckabee presidential campaign and worked with her in politics before I got to call her a CNN colleague. I can’t believe she’s gone. pic.twitter.com/GfReopigt7

— Dana Bash (@DanaBashCNN) May 18, 2024

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