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Hamas Admits that Several of the Hostages They Plan to Turn Over to Israel Are Already Dead

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Jews held hostage by the Hamas barbarians in Gaza after the Oct 7 raid on Israel. Israel believes several of the remaining hostages were killed by Hamas.

International mediators are working diligently on a ceasefire agreement between Hamas terrorists and the Israeli govenment.

Israel insists that any agreement includes the return of Israeli hostages taken by Hamas terrorists on their October 7, 2023, raid into southern Israel, where they murdered over 1,200 Jews, including over 300 at a music festival, and took over 230 Jews hostage including young women and children.

Hamas is accused of still holding 138 Jews hostage in Gaza.

The Hamas terrorists flew paragliders into the concert party on October 7th and slaughtered nearly 300 of the 3,600 partygoers around 6:30 AM in the morning.

The killers also raped the young beautiful women and took dozens of hostages both young men and young women. Their whereabouts are now unknown but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Israel will keep electricity and water from Gaza until all the prisoners – nearly 250 – are returned by the barbarians.

Hamas captured over 240 Jews in the onslaught and took them hostage back in Gaza.

Young Israelis party on Saturday morning as Hamas fighters fly paragliders in the background to the concert to kill them.

One photo released after the Hamas mass murder attack shows one of the Hamas Islamists with an AK47 as he entered the party area to slaughter Jews.

Hamas killers came with sniper rifles, drones, paragliders and rocket launchers to kill the innocent youths at the party.

It was an organized and planned attack – A war crime that shocked the civilized world.

An Islamist terrorist with a Kalashnikov rifle on the festival site: Barbarians like him murdered hundreds of defenseless civilians, abused women and kidnapped innocent Israelis into the Gaza Strip Photo: X and Bild

Chaos erupted after Hamas reportedly opened fire on the gathering. Hundreds of Jews ran into the desert to hide.

Several of the women who attended the party went missing and were likely brought back to Gaza.

40 young women were pictured as missing. It is not clear how many Hamas is still holding.

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Video released after the massacre shows partygoers celebrating and then running for their lives. The video ends as they are hiding in ditch and being escorted by police.

On Monday the Biden regime announced a ceasefire agreement with Hamas. It was a farce and Israel never signed on to Biden’s agreement. Israel raided Rafah hours later.

Now as ceasefire talks continue, Hamas is finally admitting that “some” of the Jewish hostages are already dead. The barbarians most likely killed them.

Will there be any international outrage following this report?

This is what Israelis feared.
Via Avi Mayer.

Let’s zoom in on just one part of Hamas’s terms for a ceasefire – which, we are told, are so very close to the agreed-upon proposal on the table, with only minor changes.

The original proposal had been for 40 hostages who meet certain humanitarian conditions—children, women,… pic.twitter.com/IkV89znxEO

— Avi Mayer אבי מאיר (@AviMayer) May 7, 2024

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