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House Republicans Demand Communication Records Between J6 ‘Star Witness’ Cassidy Hutchinson and Fani Willis’ Office

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Pretty little liar, Cassidy Hutchinson

House Republicans, led by Subcommittee on Oversight Chairman Barry Loudermilk, are now demanding full disclosure of communications between ‘star witness’ Cassidy Hutchinson and the office of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, The Daily Caller first reported.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that Congressman Barry Loudermilk obtained a transcript of the presidential motorcade driver’s interview that refutes the January 6 ‘star witness’ Cassidy Hutchinson’s claim that Trump tried to grab the steering wheel and commandeer the limo on January 6.

According to the secret service driver, he wanted to quickly debunk Cassidy Hutchinson’s lies about Trump’s behavior in the ‘beast’ on January 6, but Liz Cheney and others on the sham J6 committee “rebuffed” him and allowed Hutchinson’s lies to dominate the headlines.

Just The News reported:

House investigators have obtained evidence showing that former President Donald Trump’s Secret Service driver wanted to quickly refute testimony from Cassidy Hutchinson alleging a struggle in the presidential limousine during the Capitol riots but the Democrat-led January 6 committee rebuffed him for months.

The evidence was confirmed to Just the News both by Rep. Barry Loudermilk, the chairman of the House subcommittee that is investigating the Jan. 6 tragedy now for Republicans, and a transcript of the driver’s interview that was conducted months after he first offered to testify.

Loudermilk on Tuesday evening decried the delay by the Democrat-led Jan. 6 committee, saying it kept Americans in the dark for months ahead of the 2022 midterm elections that there was firsthand testimony refuting Hutchinson’s sensational hearsay narrative that Trump tried to violently commandeer his Secret Service limousine on Jan. 6, 2021, to take it to the Capitol.

House Republicans in March released a report that blew up Liz Cheney’s J6 ‘star witness’ Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony on Trump’s actions on January 6.

“None of the White House Employees corroborated Hutchinson’s sensational story about President Trump lunging for the steering wheel of the Beast. However, some witnesses did describe the President’s mood after the speech at the Ellipse,” the report read.

The driver of Trump’s motorcade (the beast) refuted Cassidy Hutchinson’s under-oath claims that Trump grabbed the steering wheel and physically assaulted a Secret Service agent.

“The driver testified that he specifically refuted the version of events as recounted by Hutchinson. The driver of the SUV testified that he “did not see him reach [redacted]. [President Trump] never grabbed the steering wheel. I didn’t see him, you know, lunge to try to get into the front seat at all.” Despite the driver of the President’s SUV testifying under oath that the Hutchinson story was false, the Select Committee chose to validate and promote Hutchinson’s version of the story as fact. The Select Committee hid the driver’s full testimony and only favorably mentioned his testimony in its Final Report, it did not release the full transcript.” the report read.

In June 2022, The J6 Committee’s ‘surprise witness’ Cassidy Hutchinson, testified Trump got into “the beast” after his speech at the Ellipse on January 6, 2021, with the belief that he would be driven to the Capitol.

According to Hutchinson, who received this information from Tony Ornato, the Assistant Director for the Secret Service, Trump grew angry after he was informed that he was being driven back to the West Wing.

According to Ornato, Trump shouted, “I’m the f*cking president! Take me up to the Capitol now!”

Hutchinson alleged that at this point Trump reached up to the driver, grabbed the steering wheel and tried to commandeer the presidential limo.

Now, the Subcommittee has already acquired messages indicating that Willis’ office made attempts to contact Hutchinson.

However, the content of these exchanges and the extent of information shared remains uncertain.

Below is the letter from Loudermilk to Willis:

“I write to you today to request your cooperation in my investigation into the security failures at the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021. Based on information recovered by this Subcommittee, we have reason to believe that your office interviewed Ms. Cassidy Hutchinson, who also provided testimony to the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol (“Select Committee”). The testimony provided by Ms. Hutchinson in the course of your investigation is relevant to our evaluation of her testimony and the direct implications her testimony has on the security of the United States Capitol.

As Chairman of the Subcommittee, I have jurisdiction over the safety and security of the United States Capitol.1 The Subcommittee is also the successor of the records of the Select Committee. 2 It has been made evident that the Select Committee failed to turn over all their records related to their investigation, despite House rules requiring them to.3 Furthermore, as the Subcommittee continues our investigation, we must assess the truthfulness of the testimony that the Select Committee relied heavily on in their investigation. It is therefore imperative that this Subcommittee review any and all records and materials in Fulton County’s possession that were acquired from both Ms. Hutchinson and the Select Committee.

As part of the Subcommittee’s investigation, we have discovered a letter from you, in your capacity as Fulton County District Attorney, to the Select Committee dated December 17, 2021.4 In this letter, you requested access to any Select Committee records relevant to your office’s investigation into President Trump’s actions to challenge the 2020 presidential election, including “recordings and transcripts of witness interviews and depositions, electronic and print records of communications, and records of travel.”5 Politico also reported that your staff at the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office met with and had multiple phone calls with the Select Committee.6 In the Select Committee’s Final Report, they confirm their close relationship with your office when they wrote that they are “aware that both the U.S. Department of Justice and the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office have already obtained information relevant to these matters, including from the Committee directly.” I now seek the same cooperation from you and your office in our ongoing investigation.

This Subcommittee obtained evidence that your staff in the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office made numerous attempts to reach out to Cassidy Hutchinson to seek her testimony. Specifically, individuals from your office reached out to Ms. Hutchinson’s mother in an attempt to reach Ms. Hutchinson. The Subcommittee is evaluating the reliability of Ms. Hutchinson’s testimony, which was heavily relied on by the Select Committee, and the findings related to the security of the United States Capitol, it is crucial for us to review any documents and records you have provided by or obtained from Ms. Hutchinson.

Accordingly, I ask that you respond to the following no later than June 20, 2024.

1. Did anyone affiliated with the Fulton County District Attorney’s communicate with Ms. Hutchinson at any time between January 1, 2021, and today, June 5, 2024?

If the answer to this question is yes, please provide the names of the individuals who communicated with Ms. Hutchinson and the dates of these communications. Additionally, please provide my staff copies of these communications to aid in our investigation.”

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