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Hunter Biden’s Ex-Girlfriend Drops Bombshell: ‘Former Sex Worker’ Zoe Kestan Testifies Hunter Allowed Dealers Direct Access to His Bank Account for Withdrawals

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Zoe Kestan with Hunter Biden (Credit: Instagram)

Zoe Kestan, Hunter Biden’s former girlfriend, has testified that Hunter Biden regularly allowed drug dealers direct access to his bank account.

This revelation is part of the ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden’s actions and sheds further light on his troubled history.

Kestan, a 30-year-old from New York, is also known for her entrepreneurial endeavors, having launched a brand that features lingerie, erotic dancewear, and marijuana-smoking accessories, according to Daily Mail.

The news outlet added, “The entrepreneur and founder of Weedslut was described as a ‘quintessential businesswoman’ in a 2021 magazine piece in which she revealed she is a former ‘online cam-girl’ and ‘sex worker’, discusses her ‘ideal lover’ and poses topless in her own creations.”

Kestan was in a relationship with Hunter Biden from December 2017 to October 2018. According to Kestan, Biden was using crack cocaine every 20 minutes, except when he was asleep, even while in rehab in Massachusetts in 2018, according to NBC.

Kestan recounted her first meeting with Hunter at a Manhattan gentleman’s club in December 2017 while she was performing a private session. Biden was smoking a substance she assumed was crack cocaine.

Their relationship quickly escalated, with Kestan spending five consecutive days with Hunter at the Soho Grand Hotel, where she witnessed him smoking crack continuously.

The most damning part of Kestan’s testimony involved Hunter Biden’s financial dealings with drug dealers. Kestan testified that Hunter would send her temporary ATM codes from Wells Fargo, allowing her to withdraw cash without his debit card. More alarmingly, Hunter used the same method to enable drug dealers to withdraw money directly from his account.

Kestan also detailed her experiences of seeing Hunter buy drugs. She mentioned a dealer named “Frankie,” whom Hunter would meet in his hotel suite to procure drugs. Although Kestan did not witness the exchanges directly, she testified that it was clear Frankie left with fewer drugs than he arrived with.

The prosecution presented a series of photos from Kestan’s phone, including one dated February 12, 2018, showing a used crack pipe on a hotel bathroom countertop. Kestan confirmed that Hunter had explained the use of the pipe to her, detailing how he would use chopsticks and pens to clean and reuse it.

Townhall reporter Mia Cathell also reported, “A picture of Hunter wearing a shirt with the Adidas logo turned into a marijuana leaf that says “ADDICTED” below was blown up on the projector screen. “I thought that was funny because he didn’t smoke weed,” she said. She testified that Hunter tried an experimental “indigenous” drug treatment, in which the venom of a frog is administered on the skin to “purge” him.”

Hunter Biden’s leaked audio where he tells Zoe Kestan about daddy Joe, AKA, “The Big Guy” was previously posted online (language warning):

According to Breitbart, citing NBC News, the jurists who remain are:

#3: A woman who watches “CBS Evening News” every night
#5: A woman who worked for the Secret Service
#16: A woman who heard about the case on YouTube
#19: A woman who thinks that people who smoke marijuana should be allowed to own guns
#20: A man who pleaded guilty to a DUI
#26: A middle-aged black man who holds a concealed carry permit in Florida and Delaware
#31: A man who said his father “owns a few” firearms
#33: A man whose father was killed in a gun crime in 2004. His brother was also arrested for drug possession and served jail time
#34: A middle-aged, nonwhite woman who owns a firearm
#37: A man who did not know anything about the case until one week ago
#38: A woman whose childhood best friend died of a heroin overdose
#39: A man who had an older brother addicted to heroin and PCP


#50: A woman who has served on multiple juries
#52: A woman, an administrative specialist, who said the laws governing who can own guns “should be more strict.”
#53: A woman who gets her news from “my dad” and X.
#65: A woman who previously donated to Barack Obama

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