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“I Feel Like I’m at a Wake” – WOW! Biden New Hampshire Event Attendee Describes the “Funeral Like” Atmosphere – Small Crowd with ZERO Enthusiasm (VIDEO)

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Just look at the enthusiasm!

Joe Biden on Tuesday traveled to Nashua, New Hampshire to deliver remarks on veteran healthcare under the PACT Act.

“President Biden signed the landmark bipartisan Sergeant First Class Heath Robinson Honoring our Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics (PACT) Act into law in August 2022, enacting the most significant expansion of benefits and services for toxic exposed veterans in more than 30 years.” The White House said.

“Named in honor of Sergeant First Class Heath Robinson, a decorated combat medic who died from a rare form of lung cancer, this historic legislation is delivering timely benefits and services to veterans—across all generations—who have been impacted by toxic exposures while serving our country.” The White House said.

A video emerged of Biden’s event in Nashua and it is pathetic.

Just look at that crowd of enthusiastic people waiting for Joe Biden!

Feel the excitement?


The scene from Nashua, NH awaiting @JoeBiden arrival.@nhgop @nhdems pic.twitter.com/YaEULoOKMH

— NH Journal (@NewHampJournal) May 21, 2024

One of the attendees said they felt like they were at a wake!

“I feel like I’m at a wake.” One of the ppl at the @joebiden Nashua event.
More excitement among Trump fans lining the road than in the venue. pic.twitter.com/oIbhM5H3fm

— NH Journal (@NewHampJournal) May 21, 2024

It appears more Trump supporters turned out in bright blue Nashua to protest Biden!

Trump supporters protest Biden in Nashua

81 million vote recipient Joe Biden was mocked for the crowd size.

“Feel the excitement”

— ALX (@alx) May 22, 2024

Biden can’t even get hardcore Dems to come out and see him babble insanely. Quite hilarious but VERY telling about the lack of support he has #NHPolitics https://t.co/ZJiaQJGwBs

— Kimberly Morin (@Conservativeind) May 21, 2024

Biden’s crowd of pre-selected invites in NH.

The Maine Wire was shockingly not granted access. https://t.co/gO88d2AJg4

— The Maine Wire (@TheMaineWire) May 21, 2024

Are they still doing that little circle thing? https://t.co/nMUeHx6K0J

— Mark Pukita (@mpukita) May 22, 2024

My city of Nashua is as BLUE as they come … so I’m surprised, they couldn’t pack it for #Biden … but I have enjoyed seeing all the America First Patriots in my city today #NH #BidensAmerica #BidenAdministration #BidenBorderCrisis #BidenBorderInvasion https://t.co/SSuWXiypMu pic.twitter.com/FHUElaMd9t

— Allison Dyer (@3rdGener) May 21, 2024

Biden crumbled as he announced more than 1 million PACT Act-related claims have been granted in the last two years.

“After I signed the Pack-Anderl-An-Pack-At-Lack-Ack into law I handed a pen that I signed it with which is the position the person with the most responsibility…” Biden said in Nashua.


The guy can’t string a sentence together—he can’t be President of the United States.pic.twitter.com/Te2uF20cTt

— Trump War Room (@TrumpWarRoom) May 21, 2024

In contrast, here was the crowd at Trump’s recent New Jersey rally:

Thousands of Trump supporters wait for President Trump to speak in Wildwood, New Jersey hours before his arrival. – screen grab

Here was the crowd at Trump’s Manchester, New Hampshire rally earlier this year:

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