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INFORMATION WAR: Elon Musk and Bolsonaro’s ‘X Space’ Is CENSURED in Brazil – Conservative Leader Has To Go to the Amazon and Use Starlink To Connect

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

The information war is raging in the US-Brazil axis, as the Censure Industrial Complex is doing its best (or worst) to keep information from spreading and to silence conservative voices.

Famed X podcaster Mario Nawfal interviewed former Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro on the X/Spaces platform, with the participation of tech billionaire and freedom of speech advocate Elon Musk.

Musk posted ahead of the broadcast: “Whether you agree with Bolsonaro or not, the people of Brazil have a right to hear him speak.”

But, of course, the ‘powers that be’ in Brazil, emboldened by the support of American liberals, did not agree – and the live broadcast was censored by Brazilian Supreme Court, so that people down here would have to use a VPN to listen to it.

Bolsonaro had to go to the Northern region of Brazil, in the Amazon, a region that is covered by Elon Musk’s Starlink, to be able to participate.

AGORA – Bolsonaro se preparando para o space do @MarioNawfal com @elonmusk pic.twitter.com/4FnstbkQAC

— SPACE LIBERDADE  (@NewsLiberdade) May 5, 2024

He was in a floating hotel in the Rio Negro, in the state of Amazonas, a state in the northern region of Brazil which with full coverage from the Starlink network platform.

AGORA – Bolsonaro diz que só está podendo acessar o Space do @MarioNawfal porque está usando Starlink!

Lembrando que o Presidente está no Amazonas! pic.twitter.com/NAgyMemTMN

— SPACE LIBERDADE  (@NewsLiberdade) May 5, 2024

Bolsonaro asserts that only conservative accounts have been censored by the rogue Brazilian Judiciary and claims that the Biden Administration did not collaborate to promote freedom of expression in Brazil.

“The censorship continued and was intensified, and this is the objective of the [Lula] government, which seems to want to destroy the right in Brazil. […] This concern of ours, fortunately, a force from the United States emerged, because the Biden government did not fulfill its part so that freedom of expression could prevail here in Brazil.

These people [on the right] are persecuted. Some managed to seek asylum in the United States, others were detained, others have the Federal Police (PF) raiding their homes to silence the voice of the right in Brazil.”

AGORA – Presidente Bolsonaro explica que apenas contas conservadoras foram censuradas e diz que Biden não colaborou para a liberdade no Brasil! pic.twitter.com/1u5dZNWfmw

— SPACE LIBERDADE  (@NewsLiberdade) May 5, 2024

In the meantime, during the X/Spaces broadcast, Brazil was suffering heavy cyberattacks:

Bolsonaro further said that the leftist censorship regime is supported by the traditional press, as they fear losing space on social media:

“First, I arrived at the Presidency with just a cell phone in my hands. My son was my marketer. Nobody expected this possibility in Brazil because I was just a congressman without a party or party funding. The press was against me. This alerted the system against me, so that someone of my profile would not become president. All accusations against me are just a narrative.

The left has the support of the official press, and we don’t. Only social media remained for us. The mainstream traditional press is favorable to the left. For us, social media remained. To silence us once and for all, they discredited right-wing politicians. This happened during the elections, with the cancellation of pages.

And influential people on my side [conservatives], almost all of them, were censored. We have several examples, like businessmen who were accused of being coup plotters for chatting on WhatsApp. Luciano Hang was never a coup plotter, but they managed to take him off the air. They inhibited other businessmen from participating in the elections.”

AGORA – Presidente Bolsonaro fala sobre a censura no Brasil!

“A mídia brasileira sempre foi parceira da esquerda – a única coisa que a direita tem para se opor a isso são as redes sociais.

Meus seguidores tiveram suas páginas desmonetizadas antes, durante e depois da minha… pic.twitter.com/D1JArSTepT

— SPACE LIBERDADE  (@NewsLiberdade) May 5, 2024

The day after the broadcast, Bolsonaro was taken to a Manaus Hospital suffering from symptoms of Erysipelas,  a skin bacterial infection. The army captain and former President has had frail health, ever since he was stabbed in the abdomen in 2018, during the presidential campaign, by a leftist deranged man, in an investigation that was never fully carried out.

ATENÇÃO – Bolsonaro está internado no Hospital Santa Júlia em Manaus (Quadro de erisipela)

Entre hoje e amanhã ele será transferido para Brasília! Força presidente pic.twitter.com/dxZqVNGHiI

— SPACE LIBERDADE  (@NewsLiberdade) May 5, 2024

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