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IRELAND FOR THE IRISH: Dublin Sees Huge Protest Against Mass Immigration – Ruling Sinn Fein Party Blasted by Crowd as ‘Traitors’

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

The Irish people has had quite enough.

The citizens of the Republic of Ireland took to the streets in a demonstration against unchecked mass migration.

After all, this brave nation didn’t wage war against the British Empire only to fall prey of Globalist European Union and its failed, crippling policies.

RTE News reported:

“A large crowd has taken part in an anti-immigration march in Dublin city centre this afternoon.

Shortly before 3pm, the protesters walked from the Garden of Remembrance and along O’Connell Street, where there was a strong garda (guard) presence, including a row of officers from the Public Order Unit.”

A much smaller pro-Palestine group was present in the route of the march. Chants were exchanged as gardaí (guards) stood in between both groups.

“The anti-immigration march then moved to Customs House Quay, where they gathered for a rally which lasted until close to 5pm.

The rally heard repeated anti-Government calls of “get them out, get them out”, as well as criticism of opposition political parties.

A number of leaders made speeches, including candidates in the upcoming local and European elections.

The President of the Irish Freedom Party harshly criticized the ruling Sinn Fein, as thousands of people have turned out in Dublin to protest immigration and the lack of infrastructure.

This demonstration comes as the UK and the Republic of Ireland are in a row over migrants fleeing the Rwanda deportations that have gotten underway.

GB News reported:

“Speaking to GB News reporter Dougie Beattie, [Irish Freedom Party] President Hermann Kelly said the protesters are sending a ‘very clear message’, that ‘Ireland is full’ and that the government should ‘house the Irish first’.

Kelly added that the protesters have started a new chant that ‘Sinn Fein are traitors’, which is a ‘new thing for Irish politics’.”

Watch: crowd chants ‘Sinn Fein are traitors’

NOW – Massive pro-Irish protests descend on Dublin against mass immigration.pic.twitter.com/sMO58PFg0lpic.twitter.com/63vwHM1AXX

— Disclose.tv (@disclosetv) May 6, 2024

Hermann Kelly hit out at Sinn Fein, said they have been exposed amid the migrant row.

“Kelly told [reporter Dougie Beattie]: ‘That would never have happened two years ago, but people now have the confidence. I think Sinn Fein have been exposed as an open borders mass immigration party.

And now that leaves room for a nationalist party like the Irish Freedom Party, which believes in democratic self-determination for the Irish people’.

Kelly added: ‘They believe in the EU membership, subservience to the European Union. And we’re opposed to all that’.”

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