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J6 Political Prisoner Dominic Pezzola Discovers He Has Cancer While Serving Time in Prison – Please Help This Young Father, Veteran and Patriot Below

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

J6 political prisoner and veteran Dominic Pezzola

Earlier this week Barb Turpin wrote The Gateway Pundit to share the very sad news that her son Dominic Pezzola was recently diagnosed with cancer while serving time in prison.

Barb blames the medical neglect Dominic endured since being held in prison.

Barb wrote this:

I’m hoping you will post an update on Gateway Pundit about my son now having Cancer because of the medical neglect in All of the facilities he’s been in. Dominic was on Doctors care before January 6th and was diagnosed with Barrettes Esophagus which is an erosion of the esophagus. He was put on very strong medication to prevent it from becoming cancer and he needs to get an upper GI test every 1-2 years.

Dominic was denied his medication each time he was moved and had to fight to get it. He suffered many times since his incarceration because he didn’t get his medication. He was promised several times he was going to get the upper GI test but to this day hasn’t. Dominic wants to get the word out ASAP about this because he’s not the only one going thru the medical neglect as we all know. My son being diagnosed with Cancer could have been prevented. We don’t know yet if it is Esophagus Cancer, what stage or what will be the recommended treatment as of now. They said he won’t be sent to the hospital to find out those answers for at least four weeks.

Jim, I’m devastated, heartbroken and extremely worried for my son. After all it’s the Bureau of Prisons system that is responsible for this neglect and diagnosis. How can we have faith that they will do what’s right and HOW will he get the care he needs. If you want to speak with me about this I’m always available.

Thank you and God Bless
Barb Turpin

J6 political prisoner Dominic Pezzola with his children.

** Please help Dominic and his Family Here

Dominic also sent this epic statement from prison.

Statement from Dominic Pezzola, April 2024, after he was diagnosed with cancer.

Jenn Baker wrote more about Dominic’s situation at Condemned USA Substack.

Unfortunately, because the BOP limits the inmates to 500 minutes of phone calls per month, Dominic, with only ten minutes left for the month, will be sitting alone with this diagnosis for the next six days until his minutes refill. This has been a very trying time for the Pezzola family. They welcome all the support and the love given to them from the American people and thank you for sticking by them.

FCI Butner has been in the spotlight as just one of the many prisons that have become dilapidated and should be shut down. The amount of black mold, asbestos, and decay these prison buildings have are beyond inhabitable. The kitchen at FCI Butner has fallen in on itself. The conditions of the kitchen make it impossible for the prison to be sure they are providing food that is safe and in line with Food Safety Practices.

This is only one instance of what is happening with the walls of this particular prison, and the treatment of Dominic Pezzola is just the tip of the iceberg.

There’s an online petition to address questions of the condition of the prison to the NC Health Department. If you are interested in helping with this, go to:


Please do not make specific calls to the prison regarding Dominic.

If you would like to support him and his family:

** Help Dominic and his Family Here

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