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Joining Forces? President Trump and Ron DeSantis Meet Privately in Florida

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff


It appears the long-running feud between America’s top two Republicans has thawed.

As The Washington Post reported President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis met privately for several hours Sunday morning in Miami. Trump and DeSantis had not spoken since the end of the Republican primary, a bitter contest in which both men launched biting attacks at each other, which were often personal.

As Gateway Pundit readers know, DeSantis endorsed Trump the day he left the race in January.

Allies of both men brokered the meeting in hopes of a potential peace between the two. According to the Post, the meeting was the brainchild of prominent Florida real estate broker Steve Witkoff, an ally of both Trump and DeSantis.

Witkoff contacted Trump and asked him to meet with the Florida governor.

Both Trump and DeSantis spoke on friendly terms, according to the Post’s sources, and DeSantis agreed to help the 45th President. Trump’s team is hopeful such assistance will include the Florida governor helping raise money for the campaign, which is lagging behind Biden in fundraising.

The meeting will also produce renewed speculation that Trump is looking at tapping DeSantis as his running mate. Trump previously suggested that the Florida governor was on the list of people he was considering.

This seems like a long shot considering a good number of Trump’s staff still despise Ron DeSantis. After initial calm, DeSantis stirred up a hornet’s nest again in February when he slammed Trump’s campaign team in a private call with his supporters.

“I think he’s got people in his inner circle who were part of our orbit years ago that we fired, and I think some of that is they just have an ax to grind,” DeSantis said.

Chris LaCivita, a top aide to Trump, responded by calling DeSantis a “sad little man.”

But stranger things have happened. Back in 1960, John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson saw the political benefits of joining forces despite loathing each other. This partnership proved decisive in Kennedy’s controversial win over Richard Nixon in the 1960 Presidential election.

Regardless of who Trump picks as VP, helping him out is also in DeSantis’s interest because the Florda governor is widely expected to seek the 2028 GOP nomination for President in what will be a wide-open field. Avoiding Trump’s bad side is crucial because no politician has proven to be a better assassin in primaries than the Donald.

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