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Judge Jeanine Pirro Reacts to Trump Guilty Verdict: ‘America Has Gone Over a Cliff’ (VIDEO)

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Judge Jeanine Pirro of FOX News reacted to the Trump verdict today by saying that America has gone over a cliff.

As a judge herself, Jeanine lamented what this decision has done to the public image of our legal system, but as a political matter she was clearly outraged.

She spoke for millions of Americans.

From FOX News:

America has gone ‘over a cliff’ with Trump’s conviction, Judge Jeanine says: ‘All smoke and mirrors’

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro said Thursday that America has “gone over a cliff” after former President Trump was found guilty on all counts, making him the first former President of the United States to be convicted of a crime.

“I want to believe that Americans believe in justice, and I think that in their gut, they realized that there is something that is very wrong here. We have gone over a cliff in America,” Pirro said on-air, moments after the jury found Trump guilty of falsifying business records on all counts, concluding his historic and unprecedented criminal trial. Trump pleaded not guilty to all counts.

“This verdict is a verdict of someone who was forced to fight a 1,000-pound gorilla with both hands tied behind his back. This was a defendant for whom crimes were created, against whom a judge…was handpicked for this defendant, who denied him the ability to fight the way he needed to fight, who brought in crimes that we have never heard of in New York before, where they had dead misdemeanors that they resurrected into felonies based upon non-unanimous verdicts of crimes that are federal over which no state court or no state judge or prosecutor has jurisdiction,” Pirro said.

“And in the end, with all this smoke and mirrors, at 34 counts, and a hooker, and a guy, [who] according to a federal judge is a serial perjurer, we have convicted a former President of the United States of America,” she continued.

Watch the video below:

Here’s more:

America has gone over a cliff. To convict a former president of crimes that are not even specified in the indictment and for which the president was not allowed to defend himself, is a sad day for this great country. November 5th cannot come soon enough. pic.twitter.com/JYMYpzIPrh

— Jeanine Pirro (@JudgeJeanine) May 30, 2024

Democrats have set a dangerous precedent by doing this. They may not like life under the new rules they have created.

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