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JUST IN: Rabid Never-Trump Top RNC Lawyer and Marc Elias’ Friend is Out – Previously Claimed Elections “Can’t be Rigged” (VIDEO)

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

RNC Chief Counsel Charlie Spies is reportedly leaving after he was apparently “pushed out,” according to sources.

As reported by Joe Hoft, Spies is a rabid Never Trumper, who joined forces with Hillary attorney Marc Elias in 2016 to label Trump a threat to Democracy, called Trump a grifter, accused him of trying to make money by being president (remember Trump didn’t even take a salary), repeatedly claimed there was no fraud in the 2020 election, celebrated Biden’s 81 million vote heist, and supported those campaigning against Trump in this election cycle.

What’s Going On? GOP Hires Attorney Charlie Spies Who Is Connected to Mark Elias and Is a Rabid Anti-Trumper

Spies has appeared on CNN and on an election integrity panel at CPAC in 2021, claiming that elections “can’t be rigged.” He also admitted that Marc Elias is a friend and that he said elections were secure at the request of Elias before Hillary Clinton and the Democrats pushed their Russian Collusion hoax in 2016.

Via The Absolute Truth With Emerald Robinson:

Good riddance!

This guy would not pair well with RNC Chair Michael Whatley’s pledge to ensure that the 2024 presidential election is not tainted by the widespread voter fraud that occurred in 2020 and 2022. It is unclear why the RNC hired him in March.

NBC reports,

Spies was previously described by a campaign official as “the best at what he does, knows the FEC loopholes better than anyone” but a “gun for hire.”

However, Spies was not a fan of the former president.

He previously worked for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis during the GOP primary. The longtime Republican lawyer is known for expanding the use of super PACs after the landmark Citizens United decision.

Spies was also behind Right to Rise, the super PAC that Jeb Bush used during the 2016 cycle to raise a record-breaking $100 million in the months before formally announcing his candidacy. Spies filed a complaint in 2015 with the Federal Election Commission against the Trump Organization while in his super PAC role.

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