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Law Firm Seeks to Exit America’s “Worst Mayor” Tiffany Henyard’s Defense

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Mayor Tiffany Henyard of Dolton, Illinois, speaks to President Joe Biden. (Tiffany Henyard / Instagram screen shot)

The law firm representing America’s “Worst Mayor,” Tiffany Henyard, and the Village of Dolton in a slew of lawsuits is asking to withdraw from those cases.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Dolton, Illinois, Mayor Tiffany Henyard is under FBI investigation for abusing her power after she shut down businesses that didn’t donate to her campaign.

According to Dolton citizens, Henyard uses local police to target businesses that don’t contribute to her.

She has also been accused of stealing charitable funds and even using taxpayer dollars for personal use.

No wonder residents call her the “worst mayor in America.”
The FBI served subpoenas at the Dolton City Hall on April 19.
On Saturday night, FOX 32 broke the news that the FBI has dropped a new round of subpoenas in its ongoing grand jury investigation into allegations of corruption.
The Del Galdo Law Group said it is not being paid, so it will stop appearing in federal and state court and defending Dolton and Henyard in the 22 different lawsuits.

In a letter to Henyard and trustees, the law firm said the village is facing millions of dollars in judgments from earlier cases and could potentially be on the hook for millions more in the current lawsuits. 

The firm also added that the village is quickly approaching the point of becoming uninsurable.


A May 2023 taxpayer-funded trip to Las Vegas that resulted in allegations of serious misconduct and claims that Henyard retaliated against an aide and a police officer who reported alleged sexual misconduct on the part of a village trustee, is also part of the investigation.

In March, Henyard reportedly vetoed an investigation, unanimously approved by The Dolton Village Board, into allegations that she misused funds for lavish expenses and a costly $1 million security detail.

A group of Dolton trustees recently hired failed former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who let her city burn with rampant crime and violence, to investigate Henyard for a hefty $400 an-hour fee.

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