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“Let 10 Million Cop Cars Burn!” – Radical Pro-Hamas Terror Group ‘Rachel Corrie’s Ghost Brigade’ Admits to Torching 15 Portland Police Cars in ‘Preemptive Attack’

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

A far left terrorist organization torched 15 police cars in Portland, Oregon last week.

Fifteen police vehicles were torched at the Police training facility near the Portland Airport last week.

The case was being investigated as arson.

KGW reported:

The  terror group called on far left supporters to smash frat house windows if they came out to confront the Marxist- pro-Hamas groups.

They called on supporters to attack the police.

The crazed city officials will release them from jail by morning.

Here if the full screed they post at the Rose City Counter Info website.

On May Day we torched some PPB cars at their training facility. We cut through a fence, set ten fires and are happy it grew to burn fifteen cars!

We did it for the Haymarket Martyrs.
We did it for all the Black and Indigenous rebels murdered by slavers and settlers.
We did it for all the brutalized student protesters.
Above all we did it for the Palestinian martyrs! (and we want to remind the world that the “official” count is stuck at 35,000 martyrs because the Israelis bombed every hospital to stop accurate reporting of the dead)

Our attack was preemptive. After seeing Humboldt, Columbia, UCLA and more we knew the occupation at PSU would be swept violently and wanted to attack PPB before.
While we respect the student occupations, particularly the ones occupying buildings and causing damages to the colleges, we hate to see them passive and waiting to be attacked. Catch the police off guard! They do not believe you are free! Show them you are! Raid them before they raid you!

For the students we have the following messages:
1-No symbolic victories. Do not accept speeches and committees and apology emails. The two demands: Divest! Amnesty for all!
2-No negotiations. Do not give up ground until you see the money pulled out and the charges dropped and the suspensions canceled.
3-Do not let them demobilize you! Do not let the parties (fuck the Communist pieces of shit), the student government or the admin tell you its over. Its not! Keep the threat of your return present, especially if the admin refuses to meet demands.
4-FIGHT! Defend your camps! If the frat bros come, smash their frat house windows! If the Zionist settlers come, throw fireworks at them! If the cops come don’t just resist arrest, fight them! They will hate you and beat you if you’re peaceful or violent, and it is time to be violent.
5-Out of the quads, out of the buildings, into the streets! As the semester ends this is not over. Fight during the summer. When next year starts fight then too!

We call for more actions to avenge Palestinians and the brutalized students at PSU and beyond! Let ten million cop cars burn!
-Rachel Corrie’s Ghost Brigade

Far left activist Rachel Corrie

For the record, Rachel Corrie was a pro-Hamas protester who was killed by an Israeli bulldozer in Rafah, Gaza in 2003.

Corrie, 23, from Olympia, Washington, was trying to stop the bulldozer from tearing down a building in the Rafah refugee camp when she was run over. She was taken to Najar hospital in Rafah, where she died, said Dr. Ali Moussa, a hospital administrator.

Corrie was standing in a trench where she could not be seen, protecting an entrance to a weapons tunnel.

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