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Massive 73% Majority of Voters Say America is ‘Out of Control’ Under Biden Admin

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

A massive 73 percent majority of voters believe America is “out of control” and on the “wrong track” under the Biden administration.

The Hart Research/Public Opinion Strategies/NBC News survey released on Wednesday found that the percentage of Americans calling the nation “out of control” was the highest on record under any president since the poll began.

Breitbart News reports:

Seventy-three percent of voters believe Biden’s America is “out of control, on wrong track,” topping the record high that George W. Bush set in 2008 — 70 percent. Barack Obama set the third-highest rating at 65 percent.

The poll noted several additional findings. It reported that Trump leads Biden in six of the six swing states, including Wisconsin, a state where other polls showed Biden leading Trump.

The survey also reported that non-white voters are trending away from Democrats, while the Republican Party is surging among the demographic. In four years, non-white voters shifted about 40 points in favor of Republicans.

Bill McInturff, a veteran Republican pollster, also noted that the survey found more voters identifying as Republicans.

This is the under recognized game changer for 2024. Republicans competing on a level playing field https://t.co/KrqM9iyv3m

— Bill McInturff (@pollsterguy) May 21, 2024

“This is the under recognized game changer for 2024,” McInturff wrote in a post on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. “Republicans competing on a level playing field.”

The Washington Post reports, “The data that McInturff was citing comes from surveys for NBC News that his firm, Public Opinion Strategies, has done jointly with the Democratic firm Hart Research Associates for many years. The slide he posted showed that, among registered voters, 41 percent now identify as Republicans, 40 percent as Democrats. In 2016, Democrats had an advantage of seven percentage points.”

“The lines have crossed for the very first time in a long time, and that’s a very big deal,” the pollster told the Post. “It’s not that Republicans are always going up, it’s that the Democrats are dropping [in party identification].”

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