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MIKE JOHNSON NEEDS TO COME CLEAN! Latest Report Reveals Democrats, Speaker Johnson, RINOs and Joe Biden Secretly Sent LONG-RANGE MISSILES to Ukraine to Fire into Russia to Expand Doomed War – WAR ROOM REACTS!

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

The Pentagon confirmed on Wednesday that the US secretly sent long-range Army Tactical Missile System to Ukraine as part of the $61 billion dollar package passed by Democrats, RINOs, Speaker Johnson and signed by Joe Biden.

Mike Johnson, RINOs and Democrats obviously are hoping that the War in Ukraine escalates and expands.

These warmongers have no desire for peace.
ABC News reported:

The missiles, also known as ATACMS, have a maximum range of 186 miles. Ukraine first used them over the past week, two U.S. officials said.

In October, America provided Ukraine with mid-range versions of the ATACMS, which have a minimum range of 43 miles. But Ukraine continued to press the Biden administration to provide longer-range versions.

The White House’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, told reporters on Wednesday afternoon that in February, President Joe Biden directed his team to provide Ukraine with a “significant” number of ATACMS missiles for use inside Ukrainian territory — against Russian invaders.

On Saturday, Steve Bannon and Ben Harnwell discussed this explosive revelation.

Obviously, Americans did not know about these long-range missiles being part of the $61 billion deal. Did Mike Johnson know about this? Did the RINOs? Why did they hide this from American taxpayers? Why would they send these offensive weapons to war-torn Ukraine?

This puts the spotlight on Mike Johnson: What did he know and when did he know it?

Steve Bannon: Ben, I’m very disturbed about Johnson and what he knew and when he knew it about this criminal conspiracy, this report of Jordan. Folks, this is going to blow up over the weekend on Monday. Just work with us on this. It’s got to blow up. But I got another problem about this. I got another very big problem, Harnwell, that only you can help me out with. They’re now saying, and the Biden’s bragging about it, that we gave secretly without notification of guidance, we secretly gave the long-range missiles to the Zelinskyy regime, unbeknownst to the American people, but that can launch and go into Russia.

So the American people are now in a… Actually, we’re now driving a war, a physical kinetic war with the Russian people. We gave long-range missiles silently. Now, my question is, did Johnson know that? Was he briefed on that? If he was briefed on that, why didn’t he tell anybody before we had this vote? And if he wasn’t briefed on it, why was “Polly Pockets?” Why was this information held back from “Polly Pockets?” Get me up to date on this because they’re trying to drive the American people to be in a shooting war with the Russian people.

Ben Harnwell: Steve, good morning to you. Well, this is exactly the question. What did Speaker Mike Johnson know, and when did he know it before signing off this $61 billion? This is a fundamental question.

We’re talking about the ATACMs missiles here, which have a range of around 300 kilometers and can attack deep into Russian territory. This, of course, is against the official administration, the public administration policy. The public Biden administration policy is that they are encouraging the Ukrainian government to use the munitions and armaments and Patriot defense missiles solely in a defensive capacity. The public position of the Biden administration is that they are not encouraging the Kyiv regime to attack Russia inside Russian territory. This is Absolutely important here – with America’s European partners here. And of course, bringing alongside the American people to support the administration, support which, of course, is dropping by the month.

So the question here for the Speaker is to say what he knew and when he knew it, because as I see it, there are two possibilities here. Either he’s been used as a by the Biden administration, or he knew that the administration was giving these long-range missiles to Ukraine before the $61 billion…

I wonder if this made it into the briefing things that Mike Johnson was apparently had access to before having his road to Damascus moment and swiveling on a dime and saying he’s now going to support the 61 billion.

…Did he know? Then did he know before before he U-turned on this? That the Biden administration is perfectly aware of the fact that the administration realizes that Kyiv doesn’t have a plan on to win this war. So you ask yourself, what is this all about? – What is this all about? Why is this $61 billion so important? And why did Mike Johnson support it? Because this war in Ukraine needs to stay on two legs until November.

Steve, I’ve said this before. This is what it’s about. It’s about stopping Trump. It doesn’t matter how many young Ukrainians they’re going to now be drafting in from Europe, sending them to the front line to die. This war cannot to be allowed to implode before November.

Mike Johnson needs to come clean – What did he know and when did he know it?

And, why did he hide this from the American people?

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