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MSNBC ‘Historian’ Goes on Mentally Deranged Rant About Trump Being a Dictator Who Wants Anarchy (VIDEO)

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

MSNBC’s so-called ‘historian’ Michael Beschloss went on a rant this weekend about Trump being a dictator and how a second term for him would lead to anarchy.

If you watch the clip below, you’ll notice that Beschloss goes out of his way to use multiple Democrat party talking points.

This guy and people like him should not be on television. He is spreading hysteria and fear based on lies. He is transferring his own mental illness to the viewing audience.

FOX News reported:

Presidential historian warns second Trump term would lead to ‘dictatorship and anarchy’

An MSNBC presidential historian warned on Saturday if former President Trump were to win back the White House that the United States would devolve into “dictatorship and anarchy.”

“He is saying, I will dismantle our rule of law, which is the glory of America, keeps the peace, assures fairness when it works for all Americans. You’ve got dictatorship and anarchy at the same time,” historian Michael Beschloss said on MSNBC’s “The Saturday Show with Jonathan Capeheart.”

“The choice is actually pretty clear, we’ve got a convicted felon,” Beschloss added.

He then went on to reference Trump’s public statement after the trial, citing that the former president said “the system is rotten” and that he wants to “dismantle parts of the Constitution.”

Trump was found guilty by a jury in New York City on all 34 felony charges of falsifying business records in his history-making case in which a former or current president for the first time was tried in court.

Watch the video below:

MSNBC’s ⁦@BeschlossDC⁩: If Trump wins again, he’ll turn the United States into “dictatorship & anarchy at the same time” pic.twitter.com/edQBFDQD45

— Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) June 2, 2024

A dictatorship? You mean like:
– Forcing taxpayers to pay off other people’s student loans?
– Forcing automakers to build electric cars few people want?
– Forcing people to take vaccines, wear masks, close businesses?
Oh my gosh, that would be awful! https://t.co/XRYKZKEcCk

— Michael Dorstewitz (@MikeDorstewitz) June 2, 2024

Your periodic reminder that #MichaelBeschlossIsNuts

“Dictatorship and anarchy at the same time” makes about as much sense as “the wall is red and blue at the same time.” https://t.co/Y6rxIeqOUM

— Tom Kattman (@TomKattman) June 2, 2024

Beschloss is like the Bill Nye of historians. He is just a partisan hack that they bring on to affirm the views of the far left.

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