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MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch on Trump and Republicans: ‘The Real Problem is the Voters’ (VIDEO)

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Donny Deutsch, who is a contributor for MSNBC and a frequent guest on Morning Joe, recently outlined what he sees as the real problem with Republicans and Trump.

In Donny’s eyes, the main issue is the voters who support Trump and the party. Deutsch is disturbed that so many Americans support the GOP and Trump.

This is fascinating because it’s a glimpse into the progressive mind. There are probably many Democrats who think just like Donny.

FOX News reports:

Ex-MSNBC host: ‘The real problem’ is ‘half the country’ supports Trump and the GOP: ‘It’s the voters’

Donny Deutsch trashed “half the country” Thursday, saying Republican voters have pushed the GOP in a bad direction.

MSNBC’s Jonathan Lemire asked whether GOP leadership meeting with Trump, despite criticizing him in the past, is “emblematic of the rot of the GOP right now.”

“Eight years we’ve been going through this dance with various Republicans. It verges from spinelessness to lack of character to complete duplicity to fraud,” journalist Mike Barnicle said, arguing the GOP as he knew it is gone. “One political party, major political party gone, diminished, means nothing to a lot of people today. I don’t know how you re-brand that.”

By contrast, Deutsch argued that voters are the ones responsible.

“The real problem is not the party itself, it’s the voters who are subscribing to the party – 74 million of them last time around,” Deutsch said. “This time, Trump is ahead in the polls, not by a lot.”

Here’s the video:

Donny Deutsch: The Problem Is Not The Republican Party, It’s The 74 Million Trump Votershttps://t.co/UqeypgURq5

“What is it about, at this point, half the country that says: ‘That’s my party, I’ll vote for that, that works for me.’ That’s the troubling part.” pic.twitter.com/pQVRJQzFdS

— RCP Video (@rcpvideo) June 13, 2024

How dare half of the country disagree with Deutsch and his progressive pals. Can you even imagine being this out of touch?

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