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MSNBC’s Mika of Morning Joe Questions Biden Campaign About De Niro Stunt: ‘Doesn’t Feel Right to Me at All’ (VIDEO)

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Even Morning Joe knows that the Biden campaign screwed up with their Robert De Niro stunt this week.

Mika Brzezinski questioned a Biden campaign spokesman on Wednesday, saying that De Niro’s appearance near the New York City courthouse didn’t ‘feel right’ to her.

When a Democrat has lost hosts on MSNBC…

FOX News reports:

MSNBC host challenges Biden aide on bizarre De Niro press conference: ‘Doesn’t feel right to me at all’

MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski challenged the Biden campaign on its decision to hold a chaotic press conference outside Donald Trump’s criminal trial in Manhattan with actor Robert De Niro, as the defense and prosecution gave their closing arguments.

“I guess I have to ask you why you decided to speak there and to have the campaign show up at the courthouse. I don’t know. It doesn’t feel right to me at all,” Brzezinski told Biden campaign communications director Michael Tyler.

Tyler said the campaign, De Niro and two former police officers, who were at the Capitol on Jan. 6, decided to speak outside the courtroom on Tuesday because the media had been “incessantly posted up there for weeks.” He said Trump needed to answer for the “continued threat” he poses to democracy, as well as his “embrace of political violence.”

“So that’s what Robert De Niro and officers [Michael] Fanone and [Harry] Dunn were speaking to down in Manhattan yesterday. They were speaking to the fact that Donald Trump still regularly embraces political violence, is calling for a bloodbath if he loses this election, and is pledging to rule as a dictator on day one,” Tyler continued.

Watch the segment below:

“This campaign is not speaking about the substance of the trial in any way shape or form. What we’re talking about is the unique threat that Donald Trump poses to our democracy.”

— Biden-Harris Comms Director Michael Tyler on having Robert De Niro speak outside NYC courthouse pic.twitter.com/3QbLCLOOvh

— Morning Joe (@Morning_Joe) May 29, 2024

The Biden campaign is nothing but sleaze and dirty tricks. The entire sham prosecution has been politicized and even Mika knows it.

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