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MUST SEE VIDEO: Bronx Teens CHEER TRUMP – MOCK JOE BIDEN – Here Is the Bronx Trump Rally Video the Media WILL NOT SHOW YOU!

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

New York City kids are catching MAGA fever!

It is impossible to get enough of these viral Trump Bronx rally videos, and we just found more clips to make your day.

“Let me catch you, Joe Biden,” said a young man from the Bronx. “I’m gonna give you a wedgie.”

See the full video here:

NYC KIDS are catching #MAGA fever!

It was pretty freaking surreal to hear city kids from the Bronx shouting “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” , “Trump 2024” and threatening joe biden with wedgies.

(To the sick pups in the DOJ that we know are freaking out watching- they were clearly… pic.twitter.com/XZIwTAR91w

— Cara Castronuova (@CaraCastronuova) May 28, 2024

It will be interesting to see how many young minority voters the Democrats will be interested in registering once they figure out those kids will vote for Trump.

Unfortunately, Trump’s speech ended before more than half the line was allowed in. Allegedly, the NYPD had a hard time getting everyone in to hear Trump speak.


“This is suspicious, given that the NYPD take orders from Democrat politicians,” said a rally-goer with children. “They made us wait hours on end and we didn’t even get inside in time to see Mr. Trump. My son was so disappointed.”

Regardless, kids had a great time outside waiting on line and dancing in the streets “jooking for Trump”.

Bronx kids “Jookin” (dancing) for Trump.

Here is more video footage of some smart kids from the Bronx:

See more of our great interviews here:

EPIC Bronx reactions to President Trump’s rally in the South Bronx! “TRUMP VIENTE VIENTICUATRO!”

The atmosphere in the Bronx was surreal yesterday as #MAGA hat wearing Bronx residents attended a rally by the first Republican President to visit there since Ronald Reagan!

Word on… pic.twitter.com/ssra3wU4lD

— Cara Castronuova (@CaraCastronuova) May 24, 2024

Remember, in the end, God wins!

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