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North Korean Commies Launch Hundreds of Excrement Filled Balloons at South Korea – Regime Calls It a ‘Gift of Sincerity’ (VIDEO)

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

The communist regime in North Korea has launched an unconventional yet disgusting attack on its South Korean neighbors.

According to the South Korean military, Kim Jong-un’s henchmen released 260 balloons containing human excrement and other hazardous materials in what they described as an “inhumane and low-level” act.

The balloons reached as far as Jeolla Province, near the southern tip of South Korea’s mainland, meaning they traveled hundreds of miles.

Voice of America reports:

Pictures released by South Korea’s military showed various garbage items, some mixed with an unspecified brown substance, strewn across streets and on what appeared to be front porch areas, including in Seoul, the capital.

In a statement, South Korea’s military said the actions violate international law and seriously threaten public safety.

Overnight Wednesday, text message alerts warned some South Korean residents in border provinces to refrain from outdoor activities because of unknown objects presumedly from North Korea.

The vile and disgusting attack was allegedly a retaliation against a South Korean human rights activist who had used balloons containing anti-North Korean messages to try and spread the truth about the wicked and tyrannical regime.

In a typically bizarre statement released by Kim Jong-un’s sister Kim Yo Jong, the regime said the attack was merely about the North using its “freedom of expression” and represented a “genuine gift of sincerity.”

The statement read:

The Joint Chiefs of Staff of the ROK puppet army said that the DPRK is scattering a large number of balloons over the ROK from last night. It urged the DPRK to stop such an act at once, claiming that it is a clear violation of international law, an act of seriously threatening the security of ROK people and an unethical and lowbrow act.

We have tried something they have always been doing, but I cannot understand why they are making a fuss as if they were hit by shower of bullets. After all, they hoisted a white flag just one day after they themselves have been exposed to the despicable article-scattering which the DPRK has called into question and demanded a stop for years.

They should continue to pick up rubbish scattered by our people, regarding them really as “sincere presents” to the goblins of liberal democracy who are crying for the “guarantee for freedom of expression”.

Such reports come as North Korea continues to advance its nuclear weapons program to protect itself against the Western alliance. Just this week, the regime fired a long-range missile towads Japan, although it exploded shortly after takeoff.


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