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NYC Liquor Store Owner Puts a Bullet in Thug After Getting Robbed and Assaulted – Owner Now Faces Years in Prison Thanks to Radical DA (VIDEO)

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Credit: United Bodegas of America

In an outrageous travesty of justice, a New York City liquor store owner is facing multiple years behind bars for shooting a thief after being robbed and viciously attacked.

As the New York Post reported, 53-year-old Francisco Valerio and his brother Luis caught two suspects trying to slip bottles of alcohol into their jackets inside Franja Wines and Liquors in Ridgewood. The incident occurred at roughly 7:45 p.m. Monday.

The United Bodegas of America (UBA), a trade group, released footage showing the Valerios grabbing the thieves, who were identified as Kevin Pullutasi and Edwin Paiquiza, after catching them in the act. They then shoved them towards the door.

The incident then took a dramatic turn once it was outside on the sidewalk on Wyckoff Avenue. The brothers can be seen in the video trading insults with the suspects.

As the thieves walk away from the store, one of the Valerios says something to Pullutasi that sends him into a violent rage. The suspect charges the door and starts viciously assaulting the two men before Francisco Valerio throws a punch with his right hand.

A gun being held by Valerio goes off and sends Pullutasi stumbling until he hits a car parked on the road. Valerio then comes to assist the perp as the video concludes.


JUSTICE? NYC liquor store owner faces years in prison for shooting attempted robber who attacked him pic.twitter.com/uIU6j6zNbd

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) May 22, 2024

Pullutasi was transported to Elmhurst Hospital Center for medical assistance after the shooting. He is reportedly in stable condition.

Credit: citizen.com

Despite clear-cut evidence of self-defense, far-left Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz has charged Valerio with multiple crimes offenses, including two counts of assault. He faces up to seven years behind bars.

The UBA was outraged after hearing Katz’s decision, pointing out that they are victimized every day while the crooks get off scot-free. Moreover, the workers get prosecuted when they fight back.

We are threatened, robbed, assaulted, and looted every day, and the bad guys get away with it,” group President Radahmes Rodriguez said. “They are freed without bail, and nothing ever happens to them. When we fight back, we are jailed and, in some cases, prosecuted. This must stop.”

“We are once again asking DA Melinda Katz to drop the charges,” added UBA spokesman Fernando Mateo spokesman. “Mr. Valerio is an honorable man in society, this should not change his life.”

The organization also said in a statement Pullutasi and Paiquiza had stolen from Valerio’s store on multiple occasions.

During a press conference held by the UBA, Valerio’s wife, Jael Valerio, tearfully pleaded with Katz to “do the right thing” and drop the charges.

The two thieves were charged with petit larceny for stealing the alcohol. The 20-year-old Paiquiza faces a year in jail, six less than Valerio according to the Post.

Katz said Pullatasi, also 20, remains hospitalized but will criminal charges as well.

Valerio was arraigned Tuesday night on charges of second and third-degree assault, reckless endangerment and weapons possession. He is scheduled to appear in court again on July 29.

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