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One of Columbia University’s “Professional Agitators” is Heir to a Fortune Living in $3.5 Million Brooklyn Home

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

James Carlson/Image: @HANKonX/X

When NYPD began arresting protestors at Columbia University, it confirmed what anyone with eyes knows.

 College campus protests are being infiltrated by outside forces and supported by professional agitators.

One such alleged professional agitator is James Carlson, who was arrested inside Columbia University’s Hamilton Hall and has no affiliation with the University.

A group stormed the building while smashing windows and fortifying their position by barricading doors and covering windows, effectively taking control of the academic building.

A Columbia facilities worker recounted the harrowing experience of being held against his will by the protesters. “They held me hostage,” the worker disclosed to the Columbia Spectator after being released.

They’re stacking objects on both sides of the doors at Hamilton Hall of Columbia University in order to force controlled entrances and exits.

This is highly illegal and dangerous if people needed to escape in a hurry.

Police need to shut this down now.pic.twitter.com/RUc9AgkZ1S

— Paul A. Szypula (@Bubblebathgirl) April 30, 2024

When Carlson was arrested inside the building, he was already under investigation for grabbing an Israeli flag from a man near campus and setting it on fire in April.

But who is Carlson? He is the privileged son of a millionaire with a long history of violent protests.

And while Carlson “fights the man,” and rages against capitalism, which he can afford to do since it has benefitted him and his family, he goes home each night to his lavish $3.4 million Brooklyn brownstone property.

Another “shocker?” America haters stick together.  Carlson’s stepmother is reportedly romantically linked to vocal leftist singer John Cougar Mellencamp.

The New York Post reports:

Carlson is a rabble rouser and an attorney by trade, according to sources.

He is being looked at as a “possible leader” of the anti-Israel protesters who broke into Columbia University’s Hamilton Hall Tuesday night and barricaded themselves inside, a City Hall source said.

Emergency Services Unit cops used a military-style truck to get inside and arrest the rioters, including Carlson, early Wednesday morning.

He was charged with burglary, reckless endangerment, criminal mischief, conspiracy and criminal trespassing.

“I observed the defendant inside the location with several other individuals,” a police officer wrote in the arrest report. “I did observe doors with shattered windows, doors off hinges, broken desks and exits blockaded by piled-up chairs.”

NEW: James Carlson, one of the primary agitators in the recent Columbia’s riots, turns out to be a millionaire’s heir with a long history of violent protests.

A lawyer and self-styled anarchist, Carlson is the son of late ad mogul Dick Tarlow.

Despite his privileged… pic.twitter.com/WkXBQohtJC

— Hank (@HANKonX) May 4, 2024


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