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Outrage: ‘We the People Showed Up Today, But the Government Didn’t’

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

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Families of U.S. veterans snubbed by bureaucracy on Memorial Day

Families of America’s veterans interred at the Cheyenne National Cemetery were snubbed by bureaucrats on Memorial Day: A memorial event was announced for 11 a.m. but no one showed up to conduct it or honor the veterans.

The Cowboy State Daily reports the official explanation is that it was a mixup – that an event had been announced for 11 a.m., when families showed up, but it actually then was changed to 3 p.m.

The report explained, “As many as 100 showed up at Cheyenne National Cemetery on Monday morning for an advertised Memorial Day service in honor of fallen heroes and loved ones. But the VA never showed up to host the service.”

Among those who were there were Carol Anne Hopkins and Dale Hopkins, who traveled four hours from Riverton, Wyo., for the event.

They were “stood up,” the report said. “No one was there to play the taps, which is played during patriotic memorial ceremonies and military funerals. No honor guard showed up, no 21-gun salute, and no prayers — at least not until four hours after a scheduled observance posted by the U.S. Veterans Administration at 11 a.m.”

The event had been announced on the VA website for 11 a.m., and drew a multitude of families, many from out of state.

“I’m kind of amazed that there isn’t a (memorial) service happening,” Keith Jobes, a veteran, told the publication.

“We the people showed up today, but the government didn’t,” added Diane Fritsch of Cheyenne.

There were no cancellation notices or anything for those who wanted to express their patriotism.

The report explained William Washington, the cemetery’s manager for the VA, said the mixup could have been the result of a failure to update the VA website.

Plans were uncertain, and then Washington met up with Justin Tripp, commander of VFW post in Cheyenne.

Tripp offered to send some veterans for a 3 p.m. event.

But the website of the national organization continued to report the observance time as 11 a.m.

Tripp said, “This frustrates me. I’m a veteran. This isn’t about picnics, but about people who died and never came home.”

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