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Panama Might Help Shut Down the Invasion of Illegals, As the U.S. Government Continues to Show Little Interest in the Problem

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

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Panama could play an integral part in slowing the flow of illegal migrants enroute to the southern border of the United States.

Earlier this week, the Central American country’s newly elected president Jose Mulino, promised to halt the flow of illegal migrants passing through his country. On X, Congressional candidate Mara Macie called out “our own uniparty representatives and government” for failing to express the same interest in the U.S. southern border as Mulina has his border. She credits Michael Yon and others for drawing attention to the problem “weaponized migration” and its global implications.


Whether Mulino follows through on this promise is TBD. However, I’m disappointed that he is far more interested in this problem than our own uniparty representatives and government.
Instead, the heat on this topic was brought by @Michael_Yon, @annvandersteel, @Oscarelblue,… pic.twitter.com/l0e3HYY3Wj

— Mara Macie (@MaraMacie) May 9, 2024

The Gateway Pundit spoke to Macie, who is vying for a Republican seat in Florida’s 5th Congressional District. Interestingly, Mulino promised to shut down the Darien Gap. But what does that mean for a bridge under construction across the region’s most dangerous stretch of jungle?

Macie questioned whether the promise by Mulino to stop illegal immigration would end construction of the bridge between Colombia and Panama. While she admitted there are likely many legitimate reasons to maintain a highway through the Darien Gap, Macie hopes the endless flow of migration can still be stopped through the area.

Macie said Mulino’s stance against illegal migration is “absolutely necessary.” And while she is hopeful, she won’t believe it until she sees it.

More concerning than the bridge is the number of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) functioning in the country, said Macie. Some of these have been responsible for providing to maps for safe travel to the United States. Some have also provided financial assistance for the journey. “Stopping illegal immigration is feasible, but [Mulino] will have to get directly involved in the NGOs and shut many of them down from operating [in the region],” she argued.

“I am hopeful that [Mulino] appoints a security minister with the best interest of his country in mind,” she said. With the massive influx of over a half million migrants traveling through the area, she pointed out that parts of Panama have been “destroyed.” For example, incredible amounts of trash now litter the jungle. Many waterways have also been polluted and are now deemed unsafe.

Another potential problem Mulino must consider are the “false economies” developed through recent years of migrant flow. When the number of people passing through Panama dwindles, locals will not be able to sustain the economies that have been created as a result of sheer number of people who have needs as the travel. “Migration has changed their way of life [through trade and business], and it’s going to be hard to go back to the way they’ve lived for hundreds of years prior.”

While Panama engages in an uncertain future, Macie expressed some of the positives for America’s future if migration stops. “Of course, the number of illegals crossing the southern border [of the United States] will decrease,” she said. But one of her primary concerns, human trafficking, will also decrease. For that, she is thankful.

“The wide-open door through Panama has made things more difficult [for the United States at the southern border], so having Mulino shut down illegal immigration can only help,” Macie said. “But we still have other borders, [like] the Canadian border and people flying directly into the United States.”

“Even if it’s not through Panama, people are going to find other ways,” Macie warned. “It’s not just immigrants we have to worry about, but it’s the criminals, terrorists, and other nefarious actors that are intentionally plotting and trying to destroy our country.”

“If Panama comes through and stops illegal immigration through their country,” she said, “it will play a large role in at least pulling back some of the people coming through Mexico.” Nonetheless, she said, “at some point, we’re going to have to stop all of this at our own borders.”

To take on President Joe Biden’s open border policies and more, Macie is running for U.S. Congress.

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