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Police Officers Show No Mercy as They Break Up Illegal Protest Held by Unruly Anti-Israel and Anti-Cop Protesters at Emory University in Atlanta (VIDEOS)

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Credit: @EyeonPalestine

Atlanta police officers showed no mercy Thursday as they laid down the law against unruly anti-Israel and anti-cop protesters at Emory University.

As Fox 5 Atlanta reported, several dozen agitators illegally set up a “Gaza Solidarity Encampment” on the lawn of the school and held signs.

FOX 5 Atlanta’s Billy Heath III noted that the protesters were approached by police, who gave them a minute to disperse, or they would be arrested for trespassing.

BREAKING: A “Gaza Solidarity Encampment” has been set up at quadrangle park inside Emory University in Atlanta. Protesters were just told they have 60 seconds to disperse or they face arrest. @FOX5Atlanta #ATL pic.twitter.com/GR5bq2Jluj

— Billy Heath III (@BillyHeathFOX5) April 25, 2024

The students refused to comply with the cops’ demands and ended up paying a heavy price as a result.

Video footage from the protest shows police officers getting physical with the spoiled brats after allegedly being attacked. the police reportedly had to resort to firing rubber bullets and spraying tear gas to restore order.

You can hear what sounds like rubber bullets in the clip below while some protesters scream, “Let them go!” Many protesters are also seen being zip-tied and marched away.


State troopers and Atlanta police have stormed Emory university campus’ student encampment where they are protesting in support of Gaza making violent arrests and using teargas on the students. Georgia, US. pic.twitter.com/sXbBIHz3Lh

— Eye on Palestine (@EyeonPalestine) April 25, 2024

One protester is seen being tased as he tries to move while under arrest.

During today’s student protests for Gaza at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, a student taking part in the demonstration is seen being tased by police while already restrained to the ground and in handcuffs. pic.twitter.com/2a0XlfgWZ7

— MintPress News (@MintPressNews) April 25, 2024

Atlanta News First’s Patrick Quinn reported witnessing at least 15 agitators being detained.

BREAKING: I counted at least 15 people arrested, a mix of students, non-students, and professors at Emory University.

This comes after a demonstration on campus. Per organizers, protestors were demanding “total divestment from Israeli apartheid and Cop City.” @ATLNewsFirst pic.twitter.com/hWDK9RpP04

— Patrick Quinn (@PatrickQuinnTV) April 25, 2024

According to Mondowweiss.net, The protesters were demanding Emory school officials immediately divest from Israel and Cop City, a police and fire department training campus under construction near Atlanta. The latter has been a prime target for Antifa militants for months.

The article claims without evidence the protesters are students from “multiple Atlanta universities” and community members. Emory University was chosen because the Marxists protesting view it as “complicit in genocide and police militarization.”

Laura Diamond, assistant vice president of University Communications at Emory University, released a statement saying the agitators were “not members of our community” and had no right to disrupt school functions:

Several dozen protesters trespassed into Emory University’s campus early Thursday morning and set up tents on the Quad. These individuals are not members of our community.

They are activists attempting to disrupt our university as our students finish classes and prepare for finals. Emory does not tolerate vandalism or other criminal activity on campus. The Emory Police Department ordered the group to leave and contacted Atlanta Police for assistance.

But CNN reports at least two professors were among those arrested. One of these “educators” was Noelle McAfee, Chair of the Philosophy Department at Emory University.

WATCH: Among those arrested today were Noelle McAfee, Chair of the Philosophy Department at Emory University.

I’ve asked for a comment from Emory on this arrest, no word yet.

This video provided to us by an #Emory PHD student. You can hear him in this video. @ATLNewsFirst pic.twitter.com/86aJgb7NUX

— Patrick Quinn (@PatrickQuinnTV) April 25, 2024

Hopefully more information will come out in the coming days regarding the participants. Having professors involved and possibly brainwashing students in the process is definitely troubling.

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