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POLL: 87 Percent of Americans Think Biden’s Policies Have Hurt or Had No Impact on Inflation

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

A large majority of Americans believe Joe Biden’s policies have caused hurt or have had no impact on fighting inflation, according to new polling from Monmouth.

Along with the border and illegal immigration, inflation and the economy are top concerns for American voters, so this poll is a gut punch to the Biden campaign.

Trump is also more trusted on these issues.

Breitbart News has details:

Monmouth Poll: 87% Say Biden’s Policies Hurt, Had No Impact on Rising Costs

Eighty-seven percent of Americans believe President Joe Biden’s policies either hurt or had no impact on inflation, the number one issue among respondents, a Monmouth University poll found this week.

Under Biden’s leadership, costs soared across the board by about 20 percent. The increased cost of goods appears to be a top reason Biden is losing support among demographics that typically vote Democrat.

The pollster asked respondents, “Thinking about this most important concern, have the actions of the federal government over the past six months helped, hurt, or had no real impact on this concern?”

– Helped: 13 percent
– Hurt: 47 percent
– No real impact: 40 percent
– Don’t know: 1 percent

Americans said inflation was their first concern (24 percent), while the economy came in second (14 percent). Everyday bills ranked third (11 percent). Political stability was fourth (6 percent).

The poll also suggests more people are struggling to remain where they are financially:

Currently, 46% of Americans say they are struggling to remain where they are financially. In polls conducted between 2022 and 2023, this number ranged between 37% and 44%. In prior polls from 2017 to 2021, this sentiment was much lower at 20% to 29%. Those who are more likely to feel they are struggling include Republicans (54%) and independents (49%), those who earn less than $50,000 a year (56%) and between $50,000 and $100,000 (47%), and those who are Black, Hispanic, Asian, or of another race (53%). Among non-Hispanic whites, those without a college degree (48%) are much more likely than college graduates (29%) to say they are struggling. Other groups who are less likely to say they are struggling include Democrats (30%) and those earning more than $100,000 a year (33%).

Biden’s policies are not helping average Americans because they’re not designed to. Biden is focused on ‘transforming’ America into something that most Americans don’t want.

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