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POLLS: Trump Now Tied With Biden in New Hampshire – Catching up to Him in Blue New York

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Trump is now tied with Joe Biden in New Hampshire, according to new polling.

Years ago, this would not be surprising. New Hampshire used to be a red state, but decades of migration from liberals in Massachusetts who didn’t want to pay the taxes that they consistently voted for has turned the Granite State blue.

Maybe people in New Hampshire have finally had enough.

NH Journal reports:

SHOCK POLL: Trump Tied With Biden in Blue New Hampshire

Democrats have all but owned the Granite State’s four Electoral College votes, winning seven of the past eight presidential contests – including Joe Biden’s eight-point victory over President Donald Trump in 2020.

But the latest NHJournal/Praecones Analytica poll finds Biden tied with Trump in New Hampshire, putting him at risk of becoming the first Democrat to lose the state since Al Gore in 2000.

The survey of 862 registered voters taken the week of May 15-20 found Granite Staters evenly split between Biden and Trump at 36 percent, with 14 percent backing independent Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and another 12 percent choosing none of these.

Those numbers may explain why Biden is making his second Granite State stop in two months, an unusual travel pattern for a Democratic president in a competitive national election. For Biden, who rarely travels far from D.C. or his Delaware beach house, it’s particularly notable.

Listen to these New Hampshire voters and it all makes sense.

“HE’S DONE A LOUSY JOB”: Granite Staters FLAME Crooked Joe Biden ahead of his visit to New Hampshire today. pic.twitter.com/rpohKSlekY

— Trump War Room (@TrumpWarRoom) May 21, 2024

Another poll finds Trump is catching up to Biden in blue New York:

New York GE: @SienaResearch

Biden: 47% (+9)
Trump: 38%
Other: 3%

February: Biden +12
April: Biden +10
May: Biden +9

Generic Ballot
DEM: 49% (+16)
GOP: 33%

• 538: #20 (2.7/3.0) | 1,191 RV
• D49/R22/I28 | May 13-15 | ±3.9%… pic.twitter.com/PRO9MUwhAp

— InteractivePolls (@IAPolls2022) May 22, 2024

Biden won New York by 23 points in 2020. Today- that lead has shrunk to single digits… https://t.co/8qZ9fFYEZz

— Joe Concha (@JoeConchaTV) May 22, 2024

It’s hard to describe how bad this poll
is for Joe Biden. This is a D+27 poll. Biden and Clinton both won New York by 23 points. Now, in a D+27 poll, he’s only up 9?

This would have me absolutely freaking out if I was Biden.

Reputable pollster, too. https://t.co/GKJU8foq5e

— Pro Swing Trading (@Pro__Trading) May 22, 2024

The ground is shifting, despite the best efforts of Democrats and the media.

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