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Pope Francis ‘Shocks’ Bishops in Italy With ‘Offensive Slur’ When Describing His Opposition to Gay Men in Seminars

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

As much as Globalist Pope Francis strives to be as politically correct as possible, we know it will never be enough.

A little over two months ago, he got into hot water with the mainstream media and liberals by advocating for peace in Ukraine: Pope Francis Bombarded With Criticism for Suggesting Ukraine Must Have the ‘Courage To Raise the White Flag’.

Now, in the process of saying something that is a majority opinion in the Catholic world, Francis has allegedly ‘shocked’ bishops in Italy by using an ‘offensive slur’.

He said that homosexual men should not be admitted to church seminaries because there is already ‘too much’ gay sexual activity – but in doing so committed a faux pas.

Daily Mail reported:

“Bishops at the meeting were reportedly taken aback by the language the 87-year-old used to make the statement – the derogatory word ‘frociaggine’, which roughly translates to [faggotry].”

Bishops burst with ‘incredulous laughter’, but suggested that it was an honest mistake by the Pope.

Italian is a second language for Francis, and they suggested that he did not know how offensive the word was.

“The alleged comments, which seem to go against recent moves to amend seminary admission rules, have come as a surprise to some in the church as Francis is known for taking a more liberal view than his predecessors on LGBT rights.”

He has torched laws that criminalize homosexuality as a ‘sin’ and an ‘injustice’, and also allowed Catholic priests to ‘bless’ same-sex couples.

Tgis was considered by the media a significant advance for LGBT rights in the church – but generated heavy criticism from Conservatives in the Church.

“However, the Pope delivered a similar message on gay seminarians – minus the reported swear word – when he met Italian bishops in 2018, telling them to carefully vet priesthood applicants and reject anyone suspected of being homosexual.”

Reports about his comments surface after bishops approved a document regulating admission to Italian seminaries.

“The paper reported that members ‘approved by majority vote an amendment that recognized the distinction between simple homosexual orientation and deeply rooted tendencies’. This, it suggests, means ‘in substance, that a homosexual person could be admitted to the seminary if, like the heterosexual, he gave the guarantee that he knows how to live the discipline of celibacy’.

However, it reportedly implies ‘that it is more difficult for homosexuals because they will be living in an all-male community for many years’.”

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