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REPORT: Black Voters Are Fleeing the Democrats Over Inflation and the Party’s Embrace of the Extreme Left

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

There was a surprise moment at the Trump rally in Wildwood, New Jersey. NFL Greats Lawrence Taylor and Otis Anderson endorsed the former president.

One of the most talked about aspects of the 2024 election so far, is the movement of minority voters away from the Democrat party and their increasing support for Trump.

According to a recent survey, there are two specific reasons for this. The first is economic issues, such as the crippling inflation of Joe Biden. The other reason given is the Democrats’ rush to embrace the most extreme elements in their party.

Immigration is also given as a specific example here, and is certainly playing a role as well. Outraged residents of blue cities like Chicago are making their anger know to public officials every week.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Black voters fleeing Biden and Democrats over inflation and extremism

Black voters are trending away from President Joe Biden and Democrats, frustrated that Democrats are not addressing kitchen table issues as they grab for extreme matters to woo leftists, according to a broad poll of 39 battleground congressional districts.

In the new survey from Cygnal, conducted in 20 states, Democrats are struggling to maintain their edge with black and women voters, “two traditionally reliable Democrat voting blocs.”

Vice President of Polling Brock McCleary told Secrets on Wednesday morning, “Democrats are in trouble with black voters, as the number of those saying the Democrat Party is more extreme than the Republican Party has increased by 20% since March. Biden is similarly in trouble, with over a third having an unfavorable view of the president, and it’s largely because they’re most concerned with the cost of living and not ideological issues like climate change and election integrity that his administration has chosen to prioritize.”

For some black and women voters upset with Biden, the choice is former President Donald Trump.

It makes perfect sense. The economic hardship brought by Biden’s presidency is being felt by all Americans, regardless of race.

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