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REPORT: Joe Biden’s Vote Buying Scheme to ‘Forgive’ Student Loan Debt is Benefiting Wealthy Families

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Joe Biden’s effort to buy the votes of young Americans by ‘forgiving’ student loan debt – something the U.S. Supreme Court told him he couldn’t do – is benefiting wealthy families, not the needy and downtrodden as Democrats would have you believe.

This is maddening.

750,000 of households receiving loan payoffs from Biden are making over $312,000. From @NellieBowles: https://t.co/lL5qKmMJU2 pic.twitter.com/WYCsdbeWvh

— Karol Markowicz (@karol) April 19, 2024

From the Free Press:

Biden continues paying off successful young voters: Sorry, I mean “forgiving student debt.” Biden this week paid off another $7.4 billion in student loans, making his total student loan cancellation something like $153 billion. And by cancellation, I mean tax dollars were used to make the ledger go to zero.

How much exactly? From Penn Wharton’s analysis: “We estimate that President Biden’s recently announced ‘New Plans’ to provide relief to student borrowers will cost $84 billion, in addition to the $475 billion that we previously estimated for President Biden’s SAVE plan.” But that goes to really needy people, right? Well, actually, at least 750,000 of those households are “making over $312,000 in average household income.”

Meanwhile, to anyone who questions this allocation of resources, the White House answer is to shame them from official White House accounts by listing how much in pandemic loans were forgiven for House Republicans who own individual small business, which is weird because the reason businesses needed pandemic relief was because the White House banned them from operating. It’s a trap! And the only answer is to pay off every Media Studies PhD student’s loan. Colleges, for their part, are now charging up to $100,000 a year. Yes, literally. And since that’s ultimately going to be paid for by the taxpayers, why work to make it less expensive? Why cut corners when you need to remodel the cafeteria?

This is such blatant corruption.

Joe Biden is robbing from plumbers, electricians, and millions of hard working Americans to pay off the mountains of debt from folks who make over $300,000 a year.

This wealth transfer is highway robbery at its finest. https://t.co/aCX3YN6nIo

— Steve Guest (@SteveGuest) April 19, 2024

Would Democrats impeach a Republican who ignored the SCOTUS and reached into the treasury to buy off his well-off supporters? You bet they would. https://t.co/4Rep3NPiQq

— J (@ARaised_Eyebrow) April 20, 2024

750,000 of the households that are getting their student loans “forgiven” make over $312,000 per year.

Universities have zero incentive to cut costs. The federal govt will loan unlimited $$$ to anyone with a pulse and forgive it all eventually.

Bidenomics … https://t.co/VYj7C5E4RF

— Wall Street Silver (@WallStreetSilv) April 20, 2024

Biden is stealing from many Americans who didn’t go to college in order to pay off people who did. It’s just stunning that this is being allowed to happen, right out in the open.

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