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Right-Wing EU Super Group? Hungary’s Orbán Urges Italy’s Meloni and France’s Le Pen To Form an Alliance

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Conservative champion, Hungary’s PM Viktor Orbán, is a politician with very strong geopolitical views and a willingness to implement those views, even against fierce pressure.

On the one hand, we have his heroic anti-war stance as in Orbán’s Hungary ‘Redefining’ Relationship With NATO, Will Not Participate in Any Ukraine Operations.

On the other, we have a leader that is calling for the right to organize and seize power in the European Union, as in ‘The EU Leadership Has Got to Go’: Hungarian PM Orbán Kicks off Campaign for European Elections With a Call to ‘Occupy Brussels’.

So it stands to reason that Orbán would call for the union of two of the biggest conservative figures in the continent, Italy’s Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and French RN party leader Marine Le Pen.

Meloni is on a good footing right now, as Conservative PM Giorgia Meloni’s Italy is the Fastest Growing European Economy, Leaving Liberal Germany Behind.

She has also manifested hope of a united right, as in Italian PM Meloni Will Run in June European Elections, Wants To ‘Bring Together the Centre-Right Forces and Send the Left Into Opposition’.

Having said that, the relationship with Marine Le Pen is said to be far from close. We indeed see Le Pen usually teaming with other conservative forces in Italy, as in Conservative Bond: Italian Salvini and French Le Pen United Against Mass Migration, Ahead of EU Elections Next Year.

But Marine Le Pen has now publicly asked Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to form a ‘right-wing super group’ in the next European Parliament – a call echoed by Orbán.

Politico reported:

“In an interview with French weekly magazine Le Point, the Hungarian prime minister said the ‘future of the sovereignist camp in Europe, and of the right in general, now rests in the hands of two women’, arguing that if the French far-right figurehead and Italian leader work together ‘within a single group or a coalition, they will be a force for Europe’.

Meloni’s party, Brothers of Italy, currently sits with the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) in the EU parliament, while Le Pen’s National Rally is part of the Identity and Democracy (ID) group.”

With conservatives expected to surge in the June 6-9 EU election, Le Pen advocates for a single rightwing group.

Such a group could become the second force in Parliament.

“Orbán shares Le Pen’s vision. The momentum which would result from such a partnership ‘could be enough to reshape the configuration of the European right, or even supplant the European People’s Party’, he said.”

Orbán’s party left the European People’s Party (EPP) in 2021.

While holding talks to join Meloni’s ‘European Conservatives and Reformists’, he wants to understand the ECR relationship with Le Pen’s ‘Identity and Democracy’ — which the Hungarians favor — and the EPP, which Orbán criticizes as being ‘under German influence’.

“’Apart from the number of seats a particular party wins, the most important thing, in my opinion, will be the number of MEPs prepared to go further in the war in Ukraine and the number who will be in favor of ending it’, said Orbán, who has frequently opposed European sanctions against Russia and aid packages for Ukraine as it fends off Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin’s full-scale invasion.”

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