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ROCKET MAN: North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Launches a MASSIVE Ballistic Missile Test in a Show of Force Against South Korea

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong Un, is once again flexing his ballistic muscles in a threat to South Korea and the US.

We have been following the ‘Rocket Man’ activity for the last couple of years, and it’s getting increasingly disturbing.

To begin with, we know that North Korea Has Sent Moscow SEVEN THOUSAND CONTAINERS of Missiles and Ammo.

After that, how North Korea Says Missile Launch a Nuclear ‘Warning Signal’ to US.

Days ago, it was reported: BREAKING – North Korea Launches Ballistic Missile Towards Japan – Residents of Okinawa Told To Hide in Shelters.

It turns out that it was in fact, a failed spy-satellite launch.

But yesterday (May 31), Kim Jong Un supervised a MASSIVE drill involving the firing of nuclear-capable multiple rocket launchers.

North Korea state media stressed that this is a way of showing ‘the country’s ability to carry out a preemptive attack’ on rival South Korea.

“North Korea has simulated nuclear strikes on South Korea numerous times, but the latest drills came after animosities on the Korean Peninsula rose over North Korea’s recent failed spy satellite launch.

The North’s official Korean Central News Agency reported that the rocket firing drills were meant to demonstrate North Korea’s resolve not to hesitate in launching a preemptive strike on South Korea if threatened. It cited Kim as saying that the drills ‘will serve as an occasion in clearly showing what consequences our rivals will face if they provoke us’.”

Events in the Korean Peninsula always proceed as an endless series of provocations and responses.

This time, the drills came as a response to a South Korean aerial exercise.

North Korea reacted angrily at criticism of its satellite launch, arguing that it has the sovereign right to send satellites into orbit.

“Also this week, North Korea flew hundreds of huge balloons into South Korea carrying manure and other trash, and allegedly jammed GPS navigation signals in the South. There were no reports of any substantial damage.”

On its part, South Korean may resume loudspeaker broadcasts into North Korea.

The psychological warfare sonic weapon includes criticism of human rights situation, world news and K-pop songs.

“The North Korean firing exercises appeared to be short-range ballistic missile test-launches that South Korea detected from North Korea’s capital region on Thursday. Experts say North Korea’s large artillery rockets blur the boundary between artillery systems and short-range ballistic missiles because they can create their own thrust and are guided during delivery.”

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