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Sen. Tim Scott Teases Major 2024 Election Bombshell: Could He Be Trump’s Next VP? (VIDEO)

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Credit: Eric Bolling The Balance/Newsmax

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) has recently fueled speculation about his potential vice-presidential candidacy alongside former President Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election, the New York Post reported.

During an interview with Eric Bolling, Scott discussed the upcoming debates between Joe Biden and President Trump, criticizing the media’s handling of conservative politicians and predicting a bias in the questions that will surely favor Biden.

“We’re thinking softballs for Joe Biden and hardballs for Donald Trump,” Scott said.

“But the better question is, will the American people have a chance to see the answer to anywhere, anytime, one-on-one? The answer is absolutely yes. Joe Biden will look like he is an elderly man who should be retired. The good news is, Donald J. Trump is going to be the guy that retires him,” he added.

“The good news is, Donald Trump is going to answer the questions the way Donald Trump is going to answer the questions. But let’s just, for every single intelligent viewer, which will be all of the viewers of your show, I think it’s quite remarkable that Joe Biden will not have a debate with a conservative moderator,” Scott said.

Eric Bolling, expressing his enthusiasm for a debate moderated by conservative figures, suggested he would be honored to moderate a debate between Scott and Harris.

In response to show host Eric Bolling’s suggestion that he might moderate such an event, Scott expressed openness to the idea, further stoking rumors of his VP candidacy.

“Let me put it this way. Senator, I would love to moderate a debate with you, but I have a hunch that there might be a vice-presidential debate. I don’t know, maybe Kamala Harris will be debating Senator Tim Scott on that one, and I would be honored to moderate that one,” said Bolling.

“I hear there’s a debate in July. If you’re the guy moderating, maybe I’ll be talking to you. We’ll see what happens,” Scott said.

“You and I both agree that America is the greatest country because anyone from anywhere can rise to the place of having this conversation. I thank God that we, the United States of America, will continue to be the greatest land on the planet, but we need a new president, and that’s Donald Trump,” Scott added.

Bolling then asked again to confirm, “And a new vice president, and is it you?”

Scott responded, “We’ll see. We’ll see.”


This exchange comes after Trump named Tim Scott among the top contenders for his running mate during a town hall event hosted by Fox News’ Laura Ingraham earlier this year.

Donald Trump took the stage at the Greenville Convention Center in February for a pre-recorded town hall event hosted by Fox News’ Laura Ingraham.

Trump emphasized the importance of choosing someone who could immediately step up as a competent president if necessary. He praised Senator Tim Scott, who was in the audience, for his support and effectiveness, hinting at his potential as a VP candidate.

“Well, always the first quality has to be somebody that you think will be a good president because if something should happen, you have to have somebody that’s going to be a great president. A lot of people are talking about that gentleman right over there [Tim Scott]. He has been much better for me than he was for himself. I watched his campaign, and he doesn’t like talking about himself, but, boy, does he talk about Trump. I called him. I said, “Tim, you’re better for me than you were for yourself.” He’s a fantastic person,” Trump said.

However, this speculation contradicts a report from NBC that said Trump will not pick a hardline pro-life candidate as his running mate over concerns that it would be electorally unwise.

According to the report, Trump has been asking about the positions of various potential vice-presidential picks on the issue, with particular concerns raised about Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) and South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem.

“The president understands it as a treacherous issue — one that you can actually trip up and fall on your face with,” said a source close to Trump. “He’s concerned it will have a drag on the ticket if they’re seen as holding too staunch a position.”

Trump’s apparent red line is someone who supports anything stricter than a six-week ban. Scott, meanwhile, has previously indicated he supports a six-week federal ban on abortion. During his presidential campaign, he pledged to “sign the most conservative pro-life legislation that they can get through Congress.”

Trump’s position is a turnaround from the 2016 presidential campaign, when he chose the strongly pro-life Mike Pence in order to shore up support with conservative evangelicals.

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, also considered a potential vice-presidential candidate, reported to The Post on Saturday that during a recent gathering of supporters at Mar-a-Lago, Trump announced there are 50 contenders under consideration for his running mate.

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