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Shock Poll: Trump Takes Lead Over Biden Among Black Voters

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Outlier or trend predictor? Mark Mitchell with Rasmussen Reports revealed initial results of a recent poll (yet to be published) that shows President Trump leading Joe Biden among Black voters in both head-to-head and five-way matchups. Mitchell told Steve Bannon on the War Room Tuesday morning that Trump leads Biden by one point, 39 percent to 38 percent in a one-on-one matchup. Trump takes an astonishing lead of 43 percent to 31 percent in a five-way matchup with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr garnering 12 percent support among Black Voters.

Trump supporters at a campaign rally in The Bronx, May 23, 2024, file screen image.

Mitchell said the questions were asked as part of a monthly immigration survey sponsored by NumbersUSA. The previous survey had Biden leading Trump among Black voters 61 percent to 21 percent. Mitchell noted that subset polling can be off and that the numbers could swing the other way next month. Last month’s Rasmussen numbers were matched by a recent New York Times/Siena College poll that showed Biden leading Trump 66 percent to 23 percent among Black voters, a substantial improvement from the 2020 election where Biden topped Trump among Black voters 87 percent to 12 percent.

Mitchell also said that among 18 to 39 year-olds, Trump leads Biden by 3 points in a two-way, five points in a five-way matchup without giving specifics.


BREAKING: Mark Mitchell of @Rasmussen_Poll tells Steve Bannon on the WarRoom that his latest polling data shows President Trump currently WINNING THE BLACK VOTE by 1 point in a two-way matchup against Joe Biden. pic.twitter.com/Rc1PE1e3vL

— VISH BURRA ‍ (@VishBurra) May 28, 2024

The Biden campaign has been acting like they are hemorrhaging Black support this month, trying to scare Black voters away from Trump with sharp attacks against Trump and Biden’s graduation speech at Morehouse College in Atlanta where he painted a picture of a racist America to the Black male graduates of the venerable HBCU:

Depressing & angry Joe Biden telling young Black Men how America hates them…. so inspirational pic.twitter.com/Dw8vDofz4u

— miguelifornia (@miguelifornia) May 19, 2024

A video released last week by the Biden campaign on the day of Trump’s rally in the Bronx falsely smeared Trump as a racist:

NEW AD: As Trump heads to the Bronx today, let’s remember: Trump is a lifelong racist.

From calling to execute innocent Black teenagers to standing with violent white supremacists, we all know who Trump is. pic.twitter.com/LQZFxAJ763

— Biden-Harris HQ (@BidenHQ) May 23, 2024

Interviews at the Bronx rally show Black and Hispanic voters having the same concerns as other groups about conditions in the U.S. and how things were better under Trump:

NBC’s Dasha Burns talks with black and Hispanic voters at the Bronx rally:

“Trump is the man who can save this country, period.”

They don’t care that Democrats smear him unfairly as a racist. They care about his policies. The pocketbook issues are driving them to the polls. pic.twitter.com/fkPBvnuCAd

— Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) May 24, 2024

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