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SORRY LEFTISTS: Former Obama Adviser David Axelrod Says Idea of Replacing Joe Biden on 2024 Ticket is a ‘Fantasy’ (VIDEO)

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Sorry, Democrats. You’re stuck with Joe Biden.

This weekend on the Bill Maher show, Bill asked former Obama adviser David Axelrod about the idea of replacing Joe Biden on the Democrat ticket with someone else.

Axelrod poured cold water all over the idea, saying that it’s a ‘fantasy’ and that Biden is not going anywhere.

FOX News reported:

David Axelrod swats Bill Maher’s suggestion Biden could be swapped from Dem ticket: ‘Fantasy’

Maher cited one of Axelrod’s own past comments suggesting he thought there was plenty of “talent” within the Democratic Party who could “emerge” as the new standard-bearer.

“The debate is June 27, and we’ve never had one before the convention,” Maher said. “If Joe really s—s the bed, would that be a good opportunity to make the switch then?”

“Listen, that is a fantasy that I hear a lot,” Axelrod responded. “I like Joe Biden and I worked with him and I was grateful to work with him and I think he’s done a lot of very, very fine things as president for which history will be kind him. That’s not the question. The question is whether at this age you should have run, but he did run. And right now he is the nominee of the Democratic Party.”

“This is not 1968 where the convention is gonna decide. We changed the rules. Voters nominate a candidate. They’ve nominated Joe Biden, and he’s not going anywhere,” Axelrod told Maher. “There’s no generation of elders who are gonna go to the White House and tell him that he can’t run. He is going to run and one of the reasons they want an early debate I’m sure is to focus people on this is the choice! It’s Trump and Biden.”

Here’s the video:

Despite Bill Maher and other top Democrats’ fears about Joe Biden, David Axelrod assures that Biden will not be swapped out for another candidate:
BM: “I’m worried about Biden as many people are.
Politico: ‘A pervasive sense of fear has settled in at the highest levels of the… pic.twitter.com/q8uFIOqHU9

— Eric Abbenante (@EricAbbenante) June 1, 2024

Bill Maher does not seem to have much, if any, confidence in Biden. Millions of people on the left share his concerns.

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